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The Secretary

quote I live by:

"All things are done through Jesus Christ, who strengthens me." Have Faith and Be Blessed.


  • name: Lawanda Rene Lyons
  • ethnic origin: African American
  • status: Junior
  • major: Computer Science
  • hometown: Syracuse, NY
  • High School: Arlington Central High, Lagrange, NY
  • after NCCU: I plan to obtain a Masters in Business Administration to complement by B.S. in Computer Science so that there is no limit to how far I can go in Corporate America.
  • internet name: godsgrace20, lrlyons02 both on AOL nccu_nsbe_sec - on Yahoo
  • hobbies: reading, writing poetry, looking at the moon
  • e-mail:


I'm a dedicated and hardworking female who is not looking to but GOING TO make a lot out of life. I joined NSBE because I completely support the mission- to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically and positively impact the community. I want to help make that mission come to life at NCCU and the surrounding community. I have that burning desire to achieve success, and I feel that NSBE will be the best support along the way.

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