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NSBE National

1454 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA  22314
(703) 549-2207
(703) 683-5312 (Fax)

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The NSBE National Headquarters (HQ) is the resource center for the organization. Its primary function is to provide continuity for the organization, coordinate membership, fund-raising, publishing and administrative activities. Operated by a professional staff, it is the prime source for channeling communications, both internal and external to the membership and the general public. 

In addition, the Headquarters provides the following services:

    Provides continuity and consistency for the organization;
Gains resources for the organization through foundation funding and corporate sponsorship;
Facilitates strategic planning for the organization with the National Executive Board;
Publishes the NSBE Magazine, The Career Engineer and The Bridge  Magazine;
Maintains long term relationships with other industry organizations and government agencies;
Provides continuity for the organization with Public Relations;
Maintains a library of legal documents, publications and other documents on the National level;
    Handles accounting for all six regions, Alumni and NSBE publications. 
Strategic planning for membership recruitment and retention;
Provides membership services, such as processing membership applications, dues, and chapter chartering documents;
Serves as a primary contact source for convention and meeting planning on the National level;
Develops and coordinates the processing of convention registration;
Provides administrative support, such as channeling information to the chapters through mailings;
Serves as the primary point of contact to the general public;

The National Executive Board (NEB) is the governing body for the National Society of Black Engineers, and as such is responsible for setting policy and making decisions for the organization.



Members are encouraged to use the National Headquarters as a resource to answer questions and solicit information.
All requests made through the HQ should be made to the appropriate staff member.
HQ does not have the resources to do graphic or handle printing work for chapters.
Chapter mailings will be sent to chapters, the National Executive Board, the regional boards, and national and regional advisors on or before the 5th of every month (or on an as needed basis). Chapters are encouraged to check their mailboxes at least twice a week.
The HQ is responsible for distributing information from the NEB/NAB. It is preferred that HQ receives documents for mailing in the final, proofed form, however, special circumstances may call for HQ to proof read and edit documents into final form.
The HQ is not responsible for distributing information on behalf of a particular region (including Alumni) to its chapters.
Requests for refunds of membership dues and convention registration fees must be made through the Membership Coordinator. A copy of the canceled check, money order receipt or credit card statement must be submitted with a written request.
To ensure receipt of mailings and NSBE publications, all address corrections (chapter and individual members) must be sent (in writing-via fax or e-mail) to the Membership Coordinator. 
HQ does not have NSBE paraphernalia (posters, T-shirts, hats, etc.) . These items are generated by individual chapters, and are not stored at HQ.
The publications Dept. does not over print the NSBE magazine, The Career Engineer, or the NSBE Bridge. Requests for extra publications can only be filled if they are available. Bulk copies of the Bridge Magazine are available for $1 each, in boxes of 100 only. For large shipments, postage must be pre-paid to the Publications Dept., or a UPS or Federal Express account number must be provided. Chapters must contact the Marketing/Circulation Manager.
All submissions of story ideas for the magazine must come through the Regional Publications Chair, who will submit them to the National Publications Chair. Submission of a story does not guarantee publication.


The National Chairperson and the National Executive Director must be courtesy copied on all correspondence that relates to NSBE on a national level.

In many cases, the National Executive Board and the National Advisory Board need to be courtesy copied on correspondence/documents.

All legal matters should be brought to the immediate attention of the National Chairperson, National Executive Director, Corporate Counsel and National Treasurer, unless otherwise noted. Copies of legal documents should be sent to HQ for filing.

All purchases/expenditures through the HQ should have prior authorization from the National Treasurer, and should be in accordance with the National Budget. 



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