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The Telecommunications Chair

"Give People Respect Now and Trust Later"

                                      -My father


  • name: Tobias Rose
  • ethnic origin: African-American
  • status: Sophomore
  • major: Computer Science
  • skills: HTML, Java 2, C++, Website Design, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office Premium
  • hometown: Kannapolis, NC
  • High School: A.L. Brown H.S.
  • after NCCU: Graduate School
  • organizations: national society of black engineers,  audionet (student radio)
  • internet name: sean_castro 
  • hobbies: hip-hop production, hip-hop, website design, internet, sleeping (every once in a while)
  • e-mail:


    What's going on people? As you can see, I'm Tobias Rose, NCCU's Telecommunications chair.  I have a whole lot of things planned for our organization.  We are on our way to building the best chapter in Region 2.  Right now It's all about building.  We can do this.  Ok let me get away from the hype speech.  Of course I'm gonna be hype though.  We are in the BEST region, huh?  Lets get down to business NCCU. NSBE is here, and it's time to represent.  As we impact the community, we need to remember what NSBE is all about.  Then we must ask ourselves if we are ready to commit to its cause.  I have a feeling our chapter will give the community support through many of the programs that are implemented.  Mr. Reeves, our programs chair, is making an effort to bridge the digital gap in our surrounding communities.  Lets give him, as well as each other, the support we need to impact Durham as well as the world. 


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