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by Maurice A. Williams, author of
Revelation and The Fall of Judea
Prophet and Historian: John and Josephus


     "The Apocalypse is the most frequently interpreted and the least understood book in The Bible. The average person keeps reading interpretation after interpretation, hoping to get something that makes sense. The most popular interpretations take the scattered bits of current events we known and weave them into conformity with The Apocalypse. This is a powerful way to capture the imagination of the reader, but I wonder if it really captures the truth. If we all knew the events of early history as well as we know current events, I wonder if we would see a better fit with early events than we see with modern events.
     Curious that this might be true, I spent many years researching history books and reading more than thirty commentaries by other authors. As I did, I saw, I think, a more logical fit of The Apocalypse with first and second century events as the Church grew and Judaism declined and what the real history of Christ's Church might be.
     When reading "The Anchor Bible Commentary," I found a clue to interpret many visions. J. Massyngberde Ford, in the volume devoted to the Apocalypse, pointed out that, today, many Biblical scholars, after much textural study, believe parts of The Apocalypse came from John the Baptist. These scholars claim that Chapters four through eleven were the original part of The Apocalypse and were first preached by John the Baptist. Ford, an expert in this field, reviewed their evidence and left it unchallenged as part of the legitimate scholarship.
     These scholars believed that what came from the Baptist was preached by his disciples for about thirty years. Then a Christian disciple of John the Baptist revised and added more visions just before A.D. 66. Finally in A.D. 96, John the Evangelist added the letters to the churches and made the final text that we have today. If this is true, then the early visions could be the Baptist's announcement that the Messiah has arrived and the Baptist's warnings what would happen should people not accept the Messiah and oppose him.
     This caught my imagination. If the above is true, then our perception of the historical events predicted by the visions would shift from modern times to a much earlier period.
     I then wrote two interpretations based on this assumption "Revelation and The Fall of Judea" covered chapters 4 through 16 and traced early Church history until A.D. 135, when Rome virtually destroyed Judea. The present book "Apocalypse: Four Horsemen Three Woes" continues my interpretation of the career of Christ's Church until modern times, when it is obvious that all nations claim we are in the Post-Christian Era. I think we are way past the proposed rapture and future millennial kingdom. I think Satan is ready to incite human beings into destroying the Church Christ established for the salvation of all persons. If I'm right, we are very close to the final days, to the end of the this present life. There's a huge harvest going on right now, but we Christians don't see it because we are too busy arguing with each other over what Christ revealed in the first place. It is we and our ancestors that destroyed the credibility of Christianity. It is our fault that so few people take Christ seriously. We should wake up before we are caught, totally unprepared, for what none of wants to experience.
     Christ has been sending message to us moderns using his mother. My book covers many messages from Christ for us to stop disobeying God, to pray for ourselves and for others, and to be forewarned of humnan catasphories before they happen, like World War II, the rise of Communism, the Bosnian War, and the genocide in Rwanda. I cover these subjects in, I think, convincing detail. Everything I write can be verified on The Internet.
     I hope you are challenged and intrigued enought to read my book. At the moment, it is a free download on

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