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Maurice A. Williams

Maurice A. Williams is a retired director of Research and Development for a company that does business all over the world. He has traveled to many countries himself. He is a technical writer experienced in researching literature. Coming from a different field with no preconceived bias, he believes he sees a more logical interpretation of Revelation than others have seen. Williams found a clue to interpret Revelation from authors who claim that Chapters 4 through 11 come from John the Baptist as the Baptist announced Christ and warned of consequences should Christ be rejected. If true, then historical events predicted by the visions would shift from modern times to a much earlier period. Williams is the only author to thoroughly link these visions to events experienced by John's audience.

Williams traces Israelite and Judean history before Christ and Judean history after Christ. He discusses Church history. He shows how the Judean people came back to their ancestral homeland. He outlines the growth of Islam. Williams is the only author who prepared an easy-to-read, sensible, logical linking of at least half of Revelation to the preaching of John the Baptist.

Williams also authored many technical articles in scientific journals around the world and has contributed chapters to six international text books. He also writes poems and inspirational articles. His book "Revelation and the Fall of Judea," ISBN 1-4010-6804-9, is available for purchase from for $18.69 in trade paperback or $8.00 as an e-book. His book is also available from

Williams still serves as a consultant for his employer, speaking at conventions and helping out where needed. He has children and grandchildren who bring him great pride and joy, and lives at home with his wife.

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