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White Dragon, symbolising peace and strength; the Alanrian flag

Updated October 4 1999

This is an e-mail writing/role play game. I have seen a lot of them around that are fantasy based. I personally got tried of them, my main disagreement being that the unicorns were wrongly described, they are not horses with horns. I would really apreciate e-mails with ideas.

Alanria is a land far from earth, where many mystical animals live. How humans arrived at Alanria.

The Destruction

More then a thousand years ago the light exploded and clouds rose mushroom formed. Mother earth murdered, planet Earth destroyed. Human kind lay died or dying. Hunger and pain gripped the world as the cold fingers of death. Only a small hundereds survived the destruction but with disease an easy strumpet were they fortunate or only slow to follow the dead. Wasted lost people trapped in a wasted barren world. Their power destroyed them.


But forgotten hope was remembered when from a shining void, bringing day to the night, came a creature cloven hooved, lion tailed, and a horn crowned the regal horse head, spiraling to the heavens in an eternal prayer. One name does it pocess Unicorn. But no wondering vagbond, she. It was, Skye, great mage of Alanria. A pain had struck her soul when she looked across the worlds and saw the dying race of two legged fire makers. Skye traveled the world on the hooves of wings, winning frienships and gahtering mankind to her like lost children to thier mother. She gathered them together and lead them through the void. Through the void to a new world, a new life.

Sworn Promise

Humans adapted quickly to the ways of magic swearing off the use of technology which had brought destruction to planet Earth. Learning the old crafts of days long past, tilling the soil and keeping herds, metalwork and art. The ancient weapons were used once again the sword and bow for small skirmishes. As generations passed mankind was able to bond with the varies natives of Alanria living in realtive harmony.

Awakened Evil

But in the year of our Raya 783, the world was gripped with quakes, voilent tremors. The ground craked and the sky darkened. Then from the great rift emerged....

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Alanria, the planet

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