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Angel sighs and walls of sound

Hereīs a list of all the Shoegazing bands I know of, with a bit of info on them and links to their official and unofficial pages:

Adorable Belltower Bleach
Blind Mr. Jones Boo Radleys Catherine Wheel
Chapterhouse Drop Nineteens Curve
Eight Storey Window Family Cat House Of Love
Levitation Loop Lovesomethingsomething
Lush Medicine Moose
My Bloody Valentine Pale Saints Revolver
Ride Slowdive Spiritualized
Submarine Sundial Swervedriver
Swirlies The Telescopes Thousand Yard Stare
The Werefrogs

Thadīs and Sandeīs dissertations about Shoegazing
Click here for another article about the history of the scene, which even gives us some hope for the future :)

Click here for a list of Non-Shoegazing bands I like