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Poor things

They never had a chance really. Coming from Slough.... ;)

Well, in the same way that Slough always seems to be pseudonym for boring, Thousand Yard Stare for the music press always presented everything that was wrong with Shoegazing. It was just too bloody boring! Pretty unfair, but nevermind, the Yardies (as they were affectionately called my their fans. FACT!) actually started off pretty well, the first few EPs on their own label were quite successful and well received. Especially "Comeuppance" was a brilliant song. The album "Hands On" didnīt really live up to the expectations though. One of their biggest mistakes might have been dragging in the fiddler from the Wonderstuff actually.

Everything went further downhill after second album "Mappa Mundi", which was absolutely destroyed in the press and after that they split. Nobody cared much. Oh well...... ;)

What the press said:

about Mappamundi, Select, June 1993: "Breezy, inoffensive, upbeat, smalltown-obsessed, all too easy to pass over." 2 out of 5

Live Review: MM "... the petrol-pump attendants of pop ..."

What they said themselves:

Stephen, November 1991, MM: "Rather than do what so many bands seem to do, where they listen to something and just reproduce it, we wanted to listen to the stuff we like and push it a bit further, come up with something thatīs more relevant now." (oh my)