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Heavy Metal?????

Swervedriver really confused some people with their first releases. Although they were definitely part of the Shoegazing scene their approach was a bit "heavier", asked about their influences they would rank Creedence Clearwater Revival along My Bloody Valentine. In one German newspaper the ad for "Raise" their first album, said "No. 6 in British Heavy Metal Chart!!".

So, Heavy Metal? Nahhhhh. Much of their appeal lies in their quiet songs (best example: "Girl on a motorbike" from second album "Mescal Head"). Their best songs from the early period include "Sandblasted", "Never Lose That Feeling" and "Duel".

They´re actually one of the few bands that "survived" Shoegazing, mainly cos they had some success in the States, where their songs were included on Snowboarding compilations. Last year they were dropped by Creation and are now on the Zero Hour label where they released "99th Dream", a great album.

What the press said:

MM, October 1991: "... their songs sound like a struggle to break out from the sleepwalk of life into a breathless dreamscape beyond."

about 99th Dream: NME "Noodling hippy shite with attitude, then, or Radiohead trapped in a lava lamp. We shall let this one off with a warning, Commandant. Bring me the Milltown Brothers." 5 out of 10

Swervedriver records I own:

  • Son Of Mustang Ford (12" Single)
  • Rave Down (CD-Single)
  • Sandblasted (12" single)
  • Raise (CD-Album)
  • Never Lose That Feeling (CD single)
  • Duel (CD single)
  • Last Stop Satansville (CD single)
  • Mescal Head (CD album)
  • My Zephir (7" ltd. edition single)
  • Last Day On Earth (12" single)
  • Ejector Seat Reservation (CD album)
  • 99th Dream (CD album)

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