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Welcome to my world! Come, rest yourself and browse the many things that make me Katie! Thank you for being so patient while I navigated the web to make this page publish worthy. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed doing them. I always look forward to feed back and will answer all emails in time. Look around, enjoy, and let all that is the universe flow through you with peace, happiness, and harmony.


Table of Contents

1. Katie's Trivia Challenge

2. Movie Reviews

3. Television Hot Picks

4.Fortunes By Katie

5. Book Reviews

6. Katie's Top 10 Favorite Kiddie Movies

7. Joker's Corner

8. Answers to all you questions about Katie

9. Katie's Favorite Links

10. Messages in a Bottle

11. Katie's Poll

12. Market Place

13. Fun and Games

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This page was last modified on 5 August 2000.

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