Joker's Corner

The Russian Ambassador ponder for weeks over what he should do for the African Tribal Ambassador's arrival. Finally one of the ambassador's aides suggested entertaining the African Ambassador with a friendly game of Russian Roulette. After all, if things did not go well, the Russian Ambassador would never have to see the African Ambassador again. When the African Tribal Ambassador played Russian Roulette, he was very impressed. The Russian Ambassador was thrilled that he had made a good impression. Upon his departure, the African Ambassador invited his new friend to visit his tiny country. He also promised a special version of his friend's game in honor of his arrival.

So the day came when the Russian Ambassador went to visit his comrade. When he got off the plane, his friend was standing there, waiting with 10 beautiful women from all over the world. This was somewhat confusing to the Russian Ambassador.

"Greetings, my friend," said the African Ambassador. "I promised you a very special version of your country's most delightful game."

"I must admit that I am confused. What do these women have to do with Russian Roulette?" asked the Russian Ambassador.

"Well,"said the African Ambassador,"each one of these women is willing to give you a blow job."

"That doesn't sound too dangerous,"said the Russian Ambassador.

"My friend, one of these women is a cannibal."

A man walks into a bar and immediately realizes its a gay bar. He thinks to himself I'm not gay but I really want to to drink so he walks up to the bar. The bartender asks "What is the name of your penis?" The man says "Man get outta my face I'm not like that, just gimme a beer." The bartender replies,"I'm sorry sir but I can't serve you until you tell me the name of your penis." The man says, "Okay then what's the name of your penis?" The bartender replies "Mine is named Nike, You know Just Do it. The man thought for a moment then replied "Mine is named Secret." The bartender replied "Secret??" The man explained you know, Strong enough for a man, made for a woman."

;) Noting that she and her husband made love more and more ;) infrequently, Sandy tried everything she could think of: ;) romantic dinners and cruises, greeting him at the door in ;) sexy lingerie, trying out exotic paraphernalia from a sex ;) boutique. But nothing seemed to work, and finally he ;) yielded to her urgings that he consult a sex therapist. ;) ;) To her amazement, a single visit restored her husband's ;) ardor to honeymoon dimensions. The only quirk was that every ;) so often during lovemaking, her husband would dash into the ;) bathroom for a minute or two. ;) ;) Finally her curiosity overcame her better judgment, and she ;) followed him to the bathroom door. Looking in, she saw him ;) peering into the mirror and repeating, ;) "She's not my wife . . . she's not my wife . . ." ;)

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