WARNING: I DO NOT GET OUT MUCH SO THE REVIEWS WILL BE SLOW GOING FOR A WHILE! Please bear with me and thank you for your patience


Ok, sue me for jumping onto the bandwagon, but I saw the movie and thought to myself,"Oh, my god! I'll actually remember this the next time I see it and the diaper thing will be optional!" Since I vaguely remember Episodes 4,5,&6,(I remember wishing that the noise would stop and the Mommy would change my diaper and put me to bed), I had to watch them again before seeing the new STAR WARS. I have to admit that the visual effects in THE PHANTOM MENACE completely top the effects of its predicessors. There was alot of computer animation, but why the hell do we have computers if not to take us the that galaxy far, far away. Don't expect much from Yoda this go around. His role would be best described as a cameo. What do you expect? EMPIRE STRIKES BACK came out over 20 years ago and he was pushing 500 then! Samuel L. Jackson was cool as always, but don't hold your breath on seeing too much of him either. Apparently, the force requires alot of time off camera. Ladies, I'm certain you will agree with me on this, however. Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson in Jedi apparrel. That made my movie experience much more magical! Anyway, this one gets a phenominal 25 on Katie's patented 10-pound Scale! A definate MUST SEE!!

Let me hear from ALL the fans on your opinion of the movie.

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