Katie's Trivia Challenge

1. In the movieLove Potion #9, who played the character of Gary?

2. On the tv show Forever Knight, who brings the vampire, Lacoix, into darkness?

A) Divia
B) Jeanette
C) Schanke

3. In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what does Frankenfurter tell Janet after he has his way with her?

A) "I'd love a cheese omlet right about now."

B) "So, you wanna, you know, do it again?"

C) "I'm sure your not all spent."

4. On the British sit com, "Absolutely Fabulous", who inhales the kitchen?

A) Saffie

B) Gran

C) Patsy

So, how did you do? Let's review the answers, shall we?

1. In "Love Potion #9" the character of Gary was played by Dale Midkiff, the star of the television show, "Time Trax" and the movie,"Pet Semetary".

2. On the television show "Forever Knight", Lacoix was brought into darkness by his lovely daughter, Divia. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the words "Bite me".

3. In "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Frankenfurter says,"I'm sure your not all spent." when replying to Janet's statement that she was saving herself.

4. On the British sit com, "Absolutely Fabulous", Patsy Stone inhales Edwina and Saffie's kitchen after passing out with a lit cigarette.

CONGRATULATIONS! Well, that is if you atleast got 3 out of 4 answers correct! You know your stuff! Either that or you need to get out more often.

Pat yourself on the back if you got at least 2 out of 5 correct. You have a rich full life and know how and when to appreciate good boob tube viewing and the finer points of the cinema.

Well you should be ASHAMED!!! You have gotten 1 or 0 questions right!! How could you blow such a completely useless and EXTREMELY easy quiz? Oh well, better luck next time!!

Please email me your scores so that they can go onto either the "Wall of All Knowledge" or the "Night Gallery"


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