Fortunes by Katie

The advise here is free. Take it or leave it. IF it impresses you, I am willing to do personalized readings via email for donations.


The month of September will be a time to rethink the past and learn from it. Time is the best teacher and with 20/20 hind sight, you may just realize that what was good for you then is your downfall now. Look into your soul and see the future you want because you are the only one who can achieve it.


September brings that wanderlust you have had all your life and you contemplate changing your life to accomodate it. That is fine and dandy, just be sure to look before you leap. By October, plans you had once thought of as mere dreams will be unfolding, showing you the end is near and the prize is finally within reach.


Unleash your hunter and allow yourself to use those instincts that you often forget you have. Money will be an issue this month and you never know when a little bit of saving will be needed. Take some time to tell people that you love them. No one lives forever.


You are laid back and in control after enjoying the summer of fun in the sun. It is something that has been fun, but you are ready to conqueur the things you desire and make your move to the next level. Trust yourself and there will be no stopping you.


Now would be a good time to listen to your dreams. You keep seeing someone there that makes you wonder if you are even dreaming at all. Take some time and look in your soul. If part of you is missing, this dream could be pointing you to a new path. Now would be an auspicious time to take a break from work. Travel is smiled upon and you will have something waiting for you at the end of your road.


Love is not a friend to you now, but keep the faith. With the new job heading your way and all the exciting upheaval in your life, love would just be an unpleasant mess to clean up. Remember, for all things there is a season.


You always charge at those who only wish to help you. Accept the criticism of those who love you with quiet dignity and grace. You will be glad you did come Halloween.


Good Twin, Bad Twin, Good Twin, Bad Twin. Good, bad, you're the one with the determination to make it happen so don't let a tiny little thing like second thoughts stand in your way. By October, someone you love will be looking for answers to your rather unique personality. Let them into your inner sanctum, it will be worth the risk.


Perhaps you should rethink the words you speak. Harsh words cut deep as any knife and you need to let the ones you love know that you love them now. Wounds from words do not heal quickly and one day, your words will be fatal. Hope you can enjoy sleeping alone.


Things are looking up for you. Just as your past has forgotten you, so you can forget your past. Enjoy the Autumn Breeze and let the night time of fall invade you like no other. Love is in your court this month. Hope you have made a decision.


Now is the time to walk barefoot on the beach, or host a party with you as the guest of honor. Take time to find your Goddess within and let her free. You will be glad you did.


You have changed alot and though you still have a far ways to go, people will notice the positive change in you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you set your mind to it.

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This page last updated on 12 May 2000