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Lakeview was inundated when the levees broke as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Wetbank Guide on Lakeview two years Post Katrina.

October 2007 The New York Times did an article about the eclectic housing in the rebirth of Lakeview.

April 2007 Lakeview is coming back to life
The "No Place Like Home" tour of revitalized Lakeview homes twenty months post-K

another look at the open house tour

A visit to Lakeview, January 2007
by Sonny Carter

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as of July '06, many boats are still orphans due to katrina. Click here for the documentary.

Katrina's critters from The New York Daily News
Vet clinic reigns with cats and dogs

NEW ORLEANS - In the flooded-out Lakeview section of northeastern New Orleans, where ghostly streets bear few signs of repair a year after Katrina, there is a place where spirits rise and tails wag. The Lakeview Veterinary Hospital - one of the few businesses to come back since the storm - has been helping patients of the two- and four-legged variety since it reopened in May.
"We were so excited when they were back," said Lauren Handley, 27, a museum worker from Mid-City, as her longhaired mutt Albert panted approvingly. "To have the stability, to see the familiar nice people, it's so great."
Katrina exposed the deep-rooted bond between pet owners and their animals, as countless men and women resisted evacuation because their animals were not allowed to come along. One study estimated that almost half of those who decided not to evacuate did so because of their pets.
But as the first anniversary of the storm approaches, the clinic's patrons - the majority had lived in this hard-hit neighborhood - are more grateful than ever for their pets' calming influence.
"It's a whole lot better having them," said Carol Anthony, 54, who relocated southwest of the city with her husband and her 4-year-old mutt, Kibby Dieux. "It's easier to take care of something else, and you end up taking care of yourself." Still, their owners' stress is rubbing off on many of the animals, along with the stress of cramped quarters or frequent changes of location.
Pets stop eating, skip sleeping or forget their housebreaking training.
"I've written more Prozac slips in the past 12 months than I ever have," said Dr. Gary Levy, one of five vets back at the clinic. "I don't know who's taking it, but I'm writing it for the pets."
Nicole Tygier was despondent when her dog Chief died when the family evacuated right into the path of Hurricane Rita.
"The storm came, and he just freaked out," said Tygier, 41, of Lake Vista, La. "I don't think he could take the strain of the evacuation."
Almost a year later, Tygier rescued a Katrina victim - a black Lab mix named Max - from a shelter. The tiny pup had been found in an abandoned New Orleans housing project, likely part of the feral animal population that has exploded since the storm.
"I don't know how people live without [pets]," Tygier said as Max nibbled on his leash in the clinic's waiting room. "There's nothing like dogs - they show you life goes on."
Originally published on August 28, 2006

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