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Welcome to My Bayou

Hey, there!! Thanks for stopping by.
I live near scenic Bayou Liberty in Louisiana... north of New Orleans.
During the springtime, it's the closest you'll ever get to Paradise
During the summer, it's the closest you'll ever get to the heat of Hell!


Updated July 8th, 2011
Cleaned up links


I know this gif always helps to make me smile when I'm blue
...hope it helps to do the same for you

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Other Pieces of this Website

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath
Various photos detailing the after affects of Hurricane Katrina

Recovering from Katrina
Various photos and links showing the status of SE Louisiana & Mississippi's recovery

Thanks, Katrina
My blog helping me deal with my Post K, Post BP Oilspill feelings

Pictures of My Bayou
Pictures of the beautiful Bayou Liberty and surrounding areas. Updated October '05 to show what Hurricane Katrina did to her

A Woman's Retreat
A place I've set up to celebrate women

A tribute to children
They grow so fast!! I've created this page to remember how sweet and pure children really are.

Need some inspiration? Go here
Writings that have inspired me and help me when I'm feeling blue

My Quit Smoking Links
Links to places I've found that have helped me "keep the quit" for over 12 years now!!!!!!

Herb/vitamin page
Information on the nutritional and medicinal uses for a variety of herbs. Links, too

My page dedicated to pets
Readings to help you deal with the grief of losing a pet and other thought provoking pet stuff

Dauphin Island Page
Pictures and thoughts from our stay on Dauphin Island

My favorite quotes
Quotes from all over about all aspects of life

Patriotic thoughts
Something I started right after 9-11-01 and want to continue to add to...

The Tammany Trace
Pictures of the Tammany Trace - a 31 mile bikepath


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Thanks for stopping by.