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Tammany Trace Pictures

The long-awaited completion of the span crossing =Bayou Lacombe is almost reality


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Here are pictures taken on the Tammany Trace, a 31 miles rail-to-trails bike path in Southeastern Louisiana.

Here is their home page if you're interested in finding out more

All photos copyright, Billy Thorne

There are a number of riders on the trace who are true bike racers..... They enjoy the trace because they can go fast and get their exercise. However, there are some of us who enjoy using the trace for the peace it provides as we get our exercise. This page is intended to depict the simple, natural beauty throughout the year in Southeast Louisiana. Enjoy!

First, some of the wildflowers seen there this spring & summer......

click on the map for a readable trace map

The Slidell to Lacombe Trail Sites

One of the many Trace Rangers, who keep the trail clean and safe

Cypress Bayou

Taken in January after some heavy winter rains

The Slidell-to-Lacombe section ends at Bayou Lacombe....we anxiously await the opening of this six mile breach

awwwwww, too bad....we gotta turn around and go back.....

The Lacombe to Mandeville Trail Sites

Bayou Castine seen during mid summer.....doesn't that pirogue look inviting? :)

Beautiful Cane Bayou

The Trace goes past Fountainbleu State Park in Mandeville. A detour will bring you past beautiful oaks and to the shores of Lake Ponchartrain
Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 80% of the trees in the park. As of April '06, the park is STILL closed to the public (sniff, sniff!!)

The Mandeville to Covington Trail Sites

The tunnel under Hwy 190 in Mandeville

Almost the same scene, different seasons

Trace Critters

seen in October

There's a heron in there.....

There's a gator out there.....

The Covington Trailhead Sites (Koop Drive to Abita)

In between the Koop Drive trailhead and the Abita Springs trailhead sits this sad, old abandoned train car

The Abita Springs Trailhead Sites

The Abita Brewhouse Restaurant rocks! Great food, wonderful ambiance

The world famous UCM MUSEUM!!! (worth the price of the tour!)

The Bogue Falaya River, at the very end of the trace, brings you into downtown Covington


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