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Segway HT
What Is It?

How Does It Work?


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What Is It?

         The Segway HT is the world's first and only self-balancing human transporter. It uses a technology called dynamic stabilization. To make that simpler, it tries to stay under you. When you think forward, you'll move forward. You think back, you'll go backwards. You stop by thinking, you guessed it, stop. All this is done by three onboard computers, a huge amount of processing power. The other two ingredients are five gyroscopes that sense over 100 times per second your center of gravity, and two high powered motors. All of this is powered by two batteries that can last over 12 hours on a charge.

Lean Forward....         The Segway is characteristically recognized by it's resemblance to a old fashioned push mower. You stand in between the two exterior wheels. Then you grasp the handlebars, and you rise 8 inches. You don't notice that it moves when you do, swaying back and forth, until your reflexes kick in and you start to correct yourself. Don't. It does it for you. Remarkably, the only controls you need to learn is turning. Just turn this small spinning shaft on the left hand side of the handlebars, and you can turn 360 degrees while standing still. Since it is on only two wheels, it can turn without moving forward or backward. As you lean forward, you go off. You turn the shaft a little and you turn to the appropriate direction.Lean Backward

There are going to be three models available to purchase. Two for the professional class (e & iSeries) and one for the consumer (pSeries). Each is customize for each category.

Currently, there are just three accessories for the Segway HT. One is a tugger unit that can pull 300lbs of cargo. The other are 3 bags to put on the Segway. These bags can carry up to 75lbs of cargo. Expect lights, bells, and other sorts of accessories latter.

Different Models

                  eSeries            iSeries          pSeries
             12 mph                     12 mph                  10 mph
Battery Time  12 hrs                       12 hrs                    10 hrs
Weight           95 lbs                       85 lbs                    65 lbs
e-Stand*          Yes                           No                         No

* e-Stand is an option that requires bags on the Segway. This option lets the Segway stand without a kick-stand like support.