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Segway HT
What Is It?

How Does It Work?


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How Does It Work?


Probably the most sophisticated piece of consumer machinery in the world, the Segway has more computing power than the Space Shuttle, redundant safety systems, motors that don't need monitoring, and, get this, won't need to be serviced for over 65 years. So, what powers this piece of machinery, how does it work? In this column, we will discover the different features of the Segway HT, from the wheels to the handlebars. So click on one of the links below to be transported to each part of the Segway HT, from top to bottom.


   -User Interface
   -Ignition Key
   -Steering shaft

-Standing Platform

-Base Station
   -Computing Power
   -Gyroscopic Chips






The only operating interface is on the handlebars. These are the keys, user interface, and steering shaft. The handlebars are supported on a telescoping shaft that also serves as the connector to re-charge the Segway HT.

User Interface

Unlike sophisticated dials, buttons, and levers, the Segway HT features a simple interface, just s face. This face shows how much power is left and what mode the Segway HT is in (see Ignition Keys).

Ignition Key

The keys are what makes the Segway HT much more than just another scooter. The Segway ships with three keys, full performance, medium performance, and training mode. Full performance allows the Segway to go at full speed, turn faster, and thus allows for full performance. The medium key allows for less speed and turning speed for sidewalk use. The training mode is the slowest mode. Allows for the user to become used to the Segway at slower speeds and slower turning.

Steering Shaft

The only control that you have to learn, the steering shaft is positioned on the left hand handlebar. You can turn it to the left or to the right. It is analog, so the farther you turn the shaft, the faster you turn. The direction you turn when you turn the shaft can be changed with special keys you can get from Segway LCC.


Standing Platform

The Standing Platform can withstand over 5 tons of pressure and is made of non-slip material. It also includes a pressure monitor to detect whether or not someone is on it. Not very technical, but still, is very important.



Base Station

The Base Station is the heart of the Segway. It includes the standing platform on top, and wheels to the sides. The base includes the mother board and CPU, which can compute 3 times faster than the fastest desktop model. The code to keep the person on is embedded in the ROM here too. The most important part is the 3 gyroscope chips that can detect how far you lean and to keep you balanced.





Two batteries can carry the person on the Segway for 17 hours. These are subject to change, and may be replaced with Sterling engines soon.



The motors are self contained and have been tested to go as fast a 2 horsepower. It's maintenance free and uses torque, not friction as breaks, this will recharge to batteries when you slow down.