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Why Choose GCSE?

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GCSE and IGCSE are used by some of the most effective education programs in the world.

Other than Korea, Japan and Finland all the leading education programs in the world (as measured on the PISA scale) are either based on or strongly influenced by the UK GCSE system.

The UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are consistently in the first 6 in the world the US ranks at around 16. 

Other reasons for choosing the GCSE program are:

1. It's flexibility, a curricula can be constructed out of thousands of different subject to suit every individual student

2. It's size, because at anyone time there are millions of students studying for GCSE examinations, there are economies of scale in the production of learning materials - the curricula is very inexpensive

3. It's is universally recognized internationally

4. It is accredited and inspected by the UK government

5. The assessment program is entirely separate from the teaching program.  You can study in whatever way suits you - self directed, homeschooling, distance learning or the traditional classroom - it will not affect the assessment process.

6. The program is not tied to High School. You can take it at any stage in life.