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Although theoretically available to Homeschoolers through the British Council, the system currently shuts Homeschoolers out.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Lack of assessment centers

2. Lack of distance learning providers and curricula

Lack of assessment centers. 

Although the Cambridge Program operates in the USA in Virginia and Florida, CIE have a policy of making the program unavailable to private candidates. The reasons behind this are not clear, as it is widely available world wide through the British Council international education service

Other UK examination boards such as the Scottish Qualification Authority would like to make the program available but do not have the contacts in the US education system to make this possible.

Lack of Distance Learning Providers

Although there are a large number of distance learning providers and curricula developers in the UK it is pointless for them to market there services in the US if their is no way in which the assessment program can be delivered