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There is no reason why schools in the USA cannot apply to join the GCSE system - many already have already joined the program.

Individual schools in Virginia are joining the IGCSE program and the state of Florida has replaced 'AP's" with the International 'A' Level (AICE) program - the upper tier of the GCSE program.

However, the International 'Cambridge Program' may not be the ideal solution for US schools.

IGCSE is an international program, and is directed primarily at making the UK GCSE system available to non-English speaking countries. This is obviously apparent from range of languages it is available in. In making IGCSE system open to the international community, particularly in the Middle East, the range of courses available has of necessity been restricted compared to what is normally available in the UK.

Other UK examination boards, notably the Scottish Qualification Authority and EDEXCEL are actively seeking partners and schools in the USA to develop an 'English Language' version of the program.

If you are interested in using the GCSE program in your school you may wish to contact the following Examination Boards through their websites

The Cambridge Program