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AICE, IGCSE & The Cambridge Program


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AICE IGCSE & Cambridge Program
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AICE, IGCSE and The Cambridge Program are the 'Internationalised' version of the UK GCSE and 'A' Level programs produced by UCLES/Cambridge International Examinations.

The impression CIE often give is that this is the only GCSE type program available to US schools.

This is not the case. Although the other examination boards do not produce "Internationalised' curricula , the USA is an English speaking country and 95% of the material produced by the other  examination boards is suitable for the USA without modification.

Of particular interest to Americans is Scottish SQA Examination Board.

Unlike the English education system the Scottish program is based on High School graduation at 17, the same as the USA and its teaching program is exactly equivalent. Contact the SQA for more information.