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  How does GCSE work?
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How does GCSE work
What is GCSE
Why Choose GCSE
What is the history of GCSE?

To join the GCSE/IGCSE program the first thing you must do to is register with an assessment center. The easiest way to the contact these is through the British Council, a UK government organization that manages overseas education in the British system.

If you are taking the course through a school, college or distance learning provider they will either be the assessment center itself or make the arrangements for to register themselves.

Once registered with the assessment center you will be provided with a Candidate ID and it is then simply arriving on the appropriate date to sit for the examinations you registered for.

Once you have sat the examination your papers are returned to the UK and fed into a huge assessment system. There will usually be a wait of up 2 months before your test results are returned.

While you  can't actually 'fail' a GCSE, anything below 'C' (there is D and F)  is considered unacceptable.

The test results return as a listing of your results on the examinations you took.