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Registering for GCSE Examinations

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Schools and Community Colleges


In the USA

At the moment the only GCSE program available to American Homeschoolers is the IGCSE program delivered by Cambridge International Examinations.

To apply to take the examinations you have to locate and examination center that will accept you as a Private Candidate.

Your first point of contact should be the British Council USA who will tell you where the nearest center is.

British Council USA

If you live in the State of Florida you will have lucked out as GCSE 'A' Level is now the State Standard. 

State of Florida and AICE program

There should be not any reason why any public school should refuse an application to take the test as a Private Candidate. If there is a problem I suggest you contact HSLDA.

If you have a good relationship with your local school board, you may, either individually or as a group of Homeschoolers request them to make a school available as examination center. See below for how an organization might apply to become an examination center.

Schools and Colleges

The processes of becoming an assessment center where examinations can be taken is quite different from the lengthy and involved process of delivering the teaching program.

Examination centers can be almost anywhere, from British Consulates to Royal Navy Warships. 

You should contact the Examination Board of your choice through there website. In most cases this should be Cambridge International.

However, if you are Community College and are interested in offering vocational courses either the SQA or EDEXCEL will probably be a better choice because of their wider range of 'practical' GCSE's and because they also offer HNC - HND courses.