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USA! Indy Wrestling features an extensive collection of columns ranging from top indy workers, to regional news reporters for the indies to international columnists. All are very unique and have their own style to how they wish to express the independents & beyond. If you feel you have anything to offer as a columnists, feel free to email me.


8/8 Words from Strozilla: Random thoughts,New show, and more!- By The Stro

8/5 Chopper Says: Debut Column- By Chopper

8/5 Aaron Undercover: Aaron Undercover explains why British Wrestlers are among the most dedicated around - By Aaron Spencer

8/4 The Truth Shall Set You Free? Hardly. The Truth Will Get You Heat!- By April Hunter

7/27 Alabam Wrestling Update: GCW, APCW, ACW, - By Joe Slaten

7/27 Straight Shootin: Tag Teams, Overpaid workers, SSCW TV. - By Carmine "C.J." Sabia

7/22 The Canada Scene: Intreview with Pierre Labrie- By. Jenni Grattan

7/10 Lose your Hood?: Outsiders of the business- By J. Marcus Lawson

7/4 Michigan Wrestling: IWF, XICW, IWR, Maximum Pro, NWA Great Lakes, Blue Water Championship, Michigan Championship- By Resident Evil

6/24 Manuel's Take - By. Manuel Gonzalez

The WWE: Austin Situation - By. Chris Glavin

6/17 On Duty! - By. Chris Glavin

6/11 Crowing One Champion - by Andy Quildan


6/1: Chicago Wrestling, not just hot air - By Bob O' Brien

6/1 The Beginning- By Luis Zuloaga

6/1 Big Names on the Indies - Danny Parris

6/1 CoolDudesAndHotBabes- Greg Tingle

6/1 The First Lady of Hardcore- Mike Altamura

6/1 I'm Looking- Zoe Duggan

Columnist Team

Chris Glavin - On Duty!


Carmine "C.J." Sabia- Straight Shooting

J. Marcus Lawson- Mid Atlantic with JML


Slyk Wagner Brown- Don't Hate, Congratulate

April Hunter- How could something that looks so good, Hurt so bad?

Stro- Words from Strozilla

U.S. Indies

Danny Parris - South Carolina Indies

John Larance- Texas Indies

John Cutliffe- PA Indies

Randy Hedrick / Brad Strutts- North Carolina Indies

John Black / Bryan Boyce- Midwest Indies

John S- Women on the Indies

Daniel Russell / Joe Slaten - Alabama Indies

Terry Allen- Chicago Indies

Devin- Virginia Indies

Chuck- Midsouth Indies

Chopper- New England Indies

Resident Evil- Michigan Indies


International Wrestling

Mark Dallas / Andy Quildan / Aaron Spencer / Grant - U.K. Wrestling

Mike Altamura / Zoe Duggan / Greg Tingle- Australia Wrestling

Amber Jackson / Steve Stryker- Canadian Wrestling

Luis Zuloaga / Jenni Grattan / Noel Sergio- Mexican Wrestling

Manuel Gonzalez- Puerto Rico Wrestling