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8/10 Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Seaside Park, NJ @ Funtown Pier: Striker d. Jay Lethal; Shalion Wrecking Crew d. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; Ghost Shadow de. Eddie Thomas & Rainchild; Skinhead Ivan d. J-Train; Striker w/Shiek d. Pete; Jerry Lawler d. Steve Corino; DHS d. Wasted Youth & The Briscoe Brothers for the JAP TT Title

8/9 GCW in Bridgeton, MO: Makaze d. Sean "Doogie" Vincent; Tommy Cross d. Prof Preston Peabody III; Johnny Greenpeace d. Sam Bacardi; Heart Attack Jack d. Pondula and Jynx; Double Negative d. Diamondback Dingo & Crocodile Kid; Chaz Wesson ( w/ Coach Chuck Farley) d. Delirious ( w/ Ms Chif); OutKast d. Jack Adonis in an Alaskan Death Match; Billy McNeil d. MsChif in an Irish Table Match; Nikki Strychnine ( w/Outkast) d. Matt in a ladder match

8/3 AWF-LAW in Glouchester, NJ: Michael P. Humperdink 3rd won the battle royal; John Tolen d. Robert Pigoen; Patch d. Adam Flash by DQ; Big Slam d. Danny Rose; Cindy Rogers d. Monica Mansfeild; Ace Darling and Alex Sanchez d. White Lotus and Slick McCoy; The Patriot d. Cue-ball Carmichael

8/3 The Wrestling Federation in Plymouth Meeting, Pa @ Colonial Elementary School: TWF Tag Team Champions Justin Cage/Steve Hayden d. "The Well Hung Warriors"(Greg Spitz/Mark Smart); Danny DeManto d. Devon Moore; Mark
Mest/Jim Branegan d. Grifter/Havok; The Rockin' Rebel d. Jay Striker; Big Lou d. The Doc to win the TWF Pennsylvania Title; "Luke Warm" Jon Brody d. "Sassy" Mike Molassy to win the TWF Hardcore Title; Drew Blood d. Danny DeManto; Bill Bain d. "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews; TWF World Champion Mangle d. Rod Greco; "Superstar" Rocky Styles d. Big Papa

8/3 Star Wrestling Federation in Crandall, Texas @ SWF Arena: James Crowe d, Paul Lee; Rave & Kaos d. Damage Inc; Isaiah d. Smash to win the SWF Light Heavyweight Title; Untouchables d. The Rowlette Express; Big Papa Jones d. Ravishing Ray Evans

8/3 Mason-Dixon Wrestling in Nutter Fort, WV @ West Virginia Blackberry Festival: Luna won the Blackberry Rumble to win the 'Blackberry King' title; Death & Destruction d. the Batten Twins; Gangrel w/ Luna d. Brock Singleton w/ Sasha; Thrillbilly OX d. Punchy McGee; Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett d. Zubov & Nikita Allanov; Kevin Mears d. J.R. Slam & Mr. X in a three way dance; The Latin Tornado d. Johnny Blast w/ Just'n Kace

8/3 NWA Wildside in Cornelia, GA @ NCW Arena: TANK d. HACK MYERS & SCOTTIE WRENN; JEREMY LOPEZ d. QUIET STORM; OUTLAWS (HOSS & DEATON) d. SWEET DREAM & KEVIN HARDEN; THE S.A.T. (Joel & Jose) d. SCOOT ANDREWS & MICHAELS SHANE; JIMMY RAVE d. JAY BRISCOE; RAINMAN & ICEBERG d. BAD ATTITUDE (Rick Michaels & David Young) by DQ; FUTURE SHOCK (Brandon P & J Freeze) d. THE RAGE (Pittman & Cage), G RATED (Kid Kool & Kid Xtasy), & DERICK DRIVER & JEREMY V (Notes: THE OUTLAWS attacked THE RAGE, G RATED, & V & DRIVER until TOTAL DESTRUCTION (Rusty Riddle & Sean Royal) got involved); TONY MAMALUKE d. CAPRICE COLEMAN in best of 5 series; ONYX d. LAZARUS (w/NEYSA); SLIM J d. THE AMAZING RED; THE BRISCOE BROTHERS (Jay & Mark) d. THE LOST BOYZ (Gabriel & Azrael), TNT (Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin) & THE S.A.T. (Joel & Jose Maximo) becomng new NWA WILDSIDE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS; DAVID YOUNG (replacing ADAM JACOBS) d. JOHN PHOENIX to become 2 time NWA WILDSIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION (Notes: PHOENIX, ICEBERG, RAINMAN & JEFF G BAILEY attacked YOUNG until RICK MICHAELS cleared
the ring)

8/3 Supreme Pro Wrestling: Bulldog Brian Raymond retains the SPW Title d. El Flaco Loco; Dante & Ollie Anderson d. Chupacabra & The Sacramento Dragon; Shawn Gunn d. Adam Thornstowe & Armagedeon; Jesus Kruze d. Super Dave and advances in the SPW Extreme Title Tournament; Maxi Mynx d. Captain Canada; The Bug & 'Gringo Suave' Beau Dalton went to a 10 minute time limit draw; Wicked and Rabia d. Kryptonite & Hunk Golden; 'Orgasmatron' wins the SPW Battle Royal (Notes: After match, takes off mask to reveal Big Ugly JD Bishop)

8/3 Independent Wrestling Federation in Woodbridge, NJ @ Sewaren Park: Travis Blake d. Erik Andretti; Tony Flo & Shawn Donavan d. Hadrian & Pierce St. John; Hasheem d. TNT after interference by Roman; Kevin Knight d. Roman (with Mr. Mike Winner

8/3 American Championship Wrestling Alliance in South Brunswick, NJ @ Pro Skate USA: Don Montoya d. Ryan Wing; Roman d. Chino Martinez; CJ Summers d. Orphan; Hadrian d. Kevin Knight after interference by Reckless Youth; Don Montoya d. Roman; Hadrian d. CJ Summers; Reckless Youth d. Kevin Knight by disqualification; Hadrian d. Don Montoya to win the ACWA Heavyweight Title

8/2 Texas Championship Wrestling in Denton, TX: Chance Romance & Zane Morris wrestled The Professionals (with Paul Lewis) to a no-contest; Seth Shai d. Sexyboy Brown; Gemeni d. Hellraiser Hark; Pitbull Kevin Dark d. Bull; Aldo Nova d. Kyzer Douglas; Tyler Bateman d. Zane Morris (with Paul Lewis) to retain his TCW Light Heavyweight Title

8/2 All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, Ca @ APW Garage: APW Universal Champion Robert Thompson d. Venace the Menace; James Watkins battled Nikki to a no decision when Nikki suffered an extremely bad knee injury; "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz d. Kafu; APW Worldwide Internet Champion American Dragon d. James Choi; Larry Blackwell d. Dana Nishibe and Seth Lesser in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match;

8/2 Texas Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas @ TCW Arena: Joey Corman d. Chance Romance via DQ; Samir d. Hellraiser Hark; Pendragon d. Christopher Matthews; Bad Brad Michaels d. Sexy Chuck Murphy; Jared Steele d. Kevin Dark; Rebel Largus Black d. Bull; The Thundercatt d. Bull; Chance Romance d. Bull; Bad Brad Michaels d. Bull; Mike Paige d. Bull

8/2 Michigan Championship Wrestling in Flint, Michigan @ IMA Sports Arena: Joe E. Legend d. Magnus (aka Brimstone); "Mad Dog" Yukon Braxton & Disco Inferno d. Anthony Rivera & Bruce (Alan Funk); Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger (with Angel) d. Chris Sabin & Alpha Male; Tracey Brooks d. Felina; Abdullah The Butcher d. The Sandman and New Jack in a 3-Way Match; Insane Clown Posse (with Esham & Rude Boy) d. Cpl. Robinson & Breyer Wellington; Sabu & Devon "Crowbar" Storm d. Balls Mahoney & Kevin Sullivan

8/2 NWA Wildside in CORNELIA, GA @ NCW ARENA: NightHawk Jeff Lewis d. Shadow Jackson & Mike Pittman; Rex Rumble d. Domino Kid; Jeremy V d. Tony Stradlin; Lost Boys retained their tag titles over Swingers,Inc. Inc was accompanied to ringside by Scott E.Smooth. The Lost Boys pinned all three men in the center of the ring; Slim J d. Kid Kool; Main Event: Cage Match-Rainman d. Rick Michaels (Notes: Michaels was the first man to emerge from the cage, however Senior Official Andrew Thomas did not see him exit. Rainman exited the ring and was awarded the match. Post match: Iceberg attacked Michaels,Jeremy V and most of the Wildside locker room. Jeff
G.Bailey, Rainman,Iceberg & Slim J all delivered a vicious beating using singapore canes. Senior Official Andrew Thomas even assaulted both referees. The evening ended with Kevin Harden,The Rage,The Lost Boys and Jeremy V crumpled in the middle of the ring and the NWA Elite celebrating

8/2 NWA East in McKeesport, PA @ Sportatorium: Jimmy Anjel d. Devin Devine; Axel Law d. CJ Sensation, Glenn Spectre, Lance Dayton, Scott Venom and Sterling J. Keenan in an elimination match to retain the NWA East "X" Title; Bison & Dale Price d. the Premiere Players; JB Destiny & Spiffy Sean Stylez d. Kid Country & Charlie
Mansun. As a result, APWF Promoter Chris Lash must leave the NWA forever; Brandon K d. Sterling James Keenan; Devin Devine & Nikita Allanov d. NWA East Brass Knuckles Champion Bigg & Kid Cupid. As a result, Devine won the Brass Knuckles Title by pinning Bigg; NWA East Heavyweight Triple Crown Champion Paul Atlas d. NWA East Three Rivers Champion Mad Mike; Crusher Hansen & Scotty Gash defeated NWA East Tag Team Champions Brandon K & Dirk Ciglar by Disqualification

7/28 ACCW in Fayetteville, North Carolina: Romeo Diablo d. Sage; Playboy Tripp d. Cold Cash D; Hangtime d. Tre-G; ACCW TV Champion The Stro remained the champion thru Disqualification for tangling with the ref over Granite; ACCW Tagteam Champions Dave Rengade & John Thundercloud d. The Trailor Boyz in a Tag Team Battle Royal

7/28 Oklahoma Championship Wrestling in Tulsa, OK @ Midnight Rodeo: Vinnie Valentino d. Smash Hanson; Michael Faith d. Splash Jackson (w/ Manservant); Rocco Valentino d. Butch Dalton; 'Mountain Man' Terry Montana d. Shadow Of Death; Big Daddy Moore & Brandon Groom d. Luc LaPointe & Dexter Hardaway; Brian Lakewood d. Manservant; 'Human Hate Machine' defeated Tyler Bateman, Ryan Styles & Grenade in a Four Corners match to retain the OCW Light-Heavyweight Title (Notes: After the match, Justin Lee ran in from the crowd and attacked Outcast. The tide turned and Lee was left laying. 'The Commissioner' Rocco Valentino came out and told Justin that he's lucky to still have a TV spot and that he "meant it" when he said that Lee was not allowed to be at the matches. 'The Future' will not be able to wrestle again until the Southern States Super 8 tournament on August 17th in Tahlequah, OK)

7/28 IWF in West Paterson, NJ @ IWF Centre: Shawn Donavan & Travis Blake d. Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien; "Debonair" Damian Adams d. CJ Summers; Hadrian d. Josh Daniels; Kevin Knight d. Roman; BPA Barry & Frankie Finesse d. Brandon Young & Shawn Moore; IWF Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs d. Erik Andretti

Thanks to Zingali, Resident Evil, Maria Berry, Erin Bucknell, Boynton Family, Toni Fullington, Jermz, Orlando Weit, Patrick

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