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Character Creation Guidelines

Here are some guidelines I ask that you follow before creating a character for this game.

• Please, NO characters that are taken directly from a Gundam series, and no characters from other Anime or Video Games. You may use another Gundam/Anime/VG character to base your character on, but there must be differences between them. You can however use a picture of a Gundam character or other Anime character for your own.

• All members must submit a writing sample with their character, this sample should be a sample post with you Role Playing the character. It must be in third person perspective and in past tense. Think of writing it as a fanfic where you are telling a story. Make it at least a paragraph. If you fail to do so your application will be rejected.

• Please read the Faction, Rules and Story pages before proceeding.

• No god-like characters, godmodding or powergaming. No one is unbeatable.
• Do not apply as a character from G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED/Destiny or another Gundam/Anime/Video Game series. I'm emphasizing on this again because many applicants forget this.
• S3I is an alternate universe. In this reality the 1-Year War never took place. Please keep this in mind.
• Do not use characters from any Gundam series in your background, they do not exist in this world.
• Take into account how old your character is. This can help you figure out how they were affected by the war.
• Mobile Suit pilots CAN NOT be younger than 18.
• There has been no travel between Earth and space for the past 15 years. If your character was on Earth after the colony drops,
they could not had have made it into space, and vice-versa.
• Please come up with a reason why your character fights for their respective faction. What their motivation is, etc.
• Give me a DECENT background. Don't just write 3 sentences, but a detailed ammount of information about the character and their past. The more detailed your character's background, the better chance you have of your character being accepted.
• Take your time when making your character. Don't just make a character in 5 minutes and then expect me to approve it.
• Do not give yourself a rank or Mobile Suit when creating your character. These are only given out by me.
If you claim to have a Gundam(without authorization by me), you will be rejected or given a Mobile Ball.
• Don't try to come up with your own Mobile Suit/Armor or mecha. We have the say what mecha are in this universe.
• Use detail. The more detailed your character is, the better chance it has of being approved.
• If your character has "Amnesia", you must also submit a background about the character before their memory loss.
• Absolutely NO: Assassins, Hackers, Ninjas, theives, aliens or super Newtype characters.
These types of characters Do Not have a place in this game.
• Strengthened Humans and/or Coordinators are experimental and rare at best and have extremely varied results(side-effects like seen in Zeta Gundam, Gundam X and Seed/Destiny).
• The Earth has been laid to waste. Schools and academies are few and far between, and very few of those are prestigious(mainly in Europe). Please keep this in mind if you are making an Earth-based character. This does not apply to characters from Space.
• If you apply as a mercenary, please attach yourselves to one of the factions.
• Don't try to make someone who is unrealistically powerful(either as a pilot or a hand-to-hand combatant or computer wiz, etc). Its disruptful to the game and it makes it difficult for others to interact with you.
• Make sure your grammar skills are up to par. We can't accept applications if we can't understand them.
• Players MUST fill out ALL fields in the application. Without a Player's name and E-mail address, I can not add you.
• Backgrounds MUST be filled out. [Unknown] is not acceptable. Everyone has a past. They just don't have to be social about it.
• Try keeping things realistic.
• Have Fun. Remember, it's a game.

Now that you have read the guidelines, you may proceed to the join page.