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At the top of each post you must have the following...
Title: The title of the post
Author: Your name or screen name
Mentioned: All characters involved

• Please, NO characters that are taken directly from a Gundam series, and no characters from other Anime. You can however use another Gundam or Anime character to base your character on, but there must be differences between them. You may use a picture of a Gundam character or other Anime character for your own.

• All new members must submit a writing sample with their first character, this sample should be a sample post with you Role Playing the character. It must be in third person perspective and in past tense. Think of writing it as a fanfic where you are telling a story. Make it at least a paragraph. If you fail to do so, your application will be rejected.

• PROOFREAD! We moderate posts so that rules don't get broken or people don't act for other people's characters and stuff of that nature, but when it comes to spelling and grammar errors, I miss them sometimes, I make them too ^^; so please run spell check and read over your posts before you send them in.

• No god like characters, godmodding or powergaming. No one is unbeatable, so try to keep it realistic. This is not GW or Seed afterall.
• No character killing unless the other player says it's ok, also no controlling of another player's character(s).
• All Mobile Suits are created and issued by the moderators. If you ask for a Gundam off the bat, you will be rejected. Also, custom suits are at the disgression of the moderators.
• A character's rank is assigned by me based on the character's age, status, experience, and background. Don't give yourself one.
• No excessive profanity, some is ok but don't go too far and absolutely NO bashing of ethnic, racial or sexual orientation.
• Be respectful of other players.
• You can have up to 4 characters as long as you:
- have the time to be able to post as all of them .
- are able to play that many characters as well as you could just one.
• You must post at least once a week. If you can't, then please don't apply. Anyone who fails to do this without telling me a good reason in advance will be removed from the RPG.
• No full OOC (out of character) posts such as asking questions to other players. If you have a question, please PM someone offlist or contact them via Instant Messenger or by E-mail.
• For OOC posts, use a double parenthesis (( )) above your normal post.
• When you reply to a post, get rid of the <<<< >>>> marks.
• Please keep the quoting of posts to a minimum.

• Have Fun.