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It was a time of chaos. A catalyst had been let loose across the Earth and it's many colonies, starting a world war unlike the world had seen before. During this time, a new order was being created by a group called the Federation. After a long time had passed, the Federation became stronger and was finally able to end the long and bloody war. From it, a new world government was formed to maintain the order and peace that had been newly obtained. But as the people soon found out, the government slowly became corrupted, and tension began to rise between the Federation and a political faction known as Zeon hailing from the Side 3 colonies. No one knows what happened to start the new conflict, but another war began that disrupted the order and at the end of the war, the Earth government collapsed.

The Great War ended when an unknown factor triggered a mass colony drop, devastating the Earth. Russia, China, Mexico and Australia were all but wiped off of the globe, while other countries were left ravaged. Earth was once again thrown back into tumoil and anarchy with vulture groups, new age pirates and scavengers raiding cities and military outposts. As a result of the chaos, travel between Earth and space became impossible. Zeon's ground forces had been stranded and had begun to mutiny with many of it's troops going AWOL, but was able to survive due to a strategic strike against Jaburo during the chaos, causing the Federation's forces to fall apart all across the planet.

In Space, a new faction calling itself the Jovian Alliance had turned the colonies against the Federation by blaming them and Zeon for the colony drops and the deaths of the colonists. The Federal Forces took the biggest part of the blame and they were exiled forcefully from the colonies, shunned by all and viewed as scum, rouges and outcasts. Due to their shortages in personnel and firepower, the Jovian Alliance and the Zeon Republic signed a 12 year non-aggression pact. Once the treaty was signed, the colonies were able to start recovering from the Great War as it was now refered to as and the EC timeline began. Shortly afterwards, explosions were reported at almost all of the remaining Federation bases. It was believed that they had finally been destroyed by either one of the factions or by space pirates.

Back on Earth, another group had risen from the ashes known as the Romanian Empire. Backed by a corporation known as Getter Heavy Industries, they were able to gain control of much of Europe with their distinct MS forces. Over the course of several years the Principality of Zeon had been able to regain some of it's previous strength, and had even gained a foothold in Europe once again. Most of the rest of the world had been turned into a barren wasteland, while some had been knocked back to the dark ages. Many areas were now lawless regions with the people living in fear of the bandits, raiders and vulture groups roaming the area. Other regions were now being controlled by groups of renegade MS pilots.

Over the course of many years the colonies had begun to prosper, but the Earth stayed in a constant state of disarray. The North American continent had been isolated by radiation zones or untravelable terrain since the end of the Great War. With their command gone and no one to lead them, the Federal Forces weren't able to maintain any control and completely fell apart. It took almost an entire decade for remnants of the former Federation to start anew. Their troops and supplies were extremely limited after the formation of the New Earth Alliance. They had to build themselves up from the ashes of the old by salvaging equipment from abandoned bases and vulture groups. It took them years to finally gain any sizable territory in America and what was left of Australia and the Orient.

In February of 0015, a group of radicalists forcefully gained control of several colonies belonging to Zeon and the Jovian Alliance. The group made unrealistic demands, like the disbanding of the current governments and their military forces. They claimed that if their demands were not met, they would initiate a new set of colony drops, prefering death over "freedom". No one believed that they had the capabilites to do such a thing, calling it a bluff. But when both factions attempted to regain control, the radicalists proved their trump card to be true as they launched 5 colonies before they were stopped. It had been 15 years since anyone in the colonies had witnessed anything as horrible as what had transpired. Although Earth would have seemed like their target, one of them impacted on the Lunar surface.

The colony that hit the Moon was far enough from the 2 Lunar cities to cause serious damage, but it's effects were still felt by all. As for the colonies that were headed for the Earth, all of them impacted in different regions of the already ravaged planet. The first colony was fortunate to impact in the already wasted lands of Russia, with the third following suit and impacting in Mexico. The second of the colonies broke apart and wiped out a region in the mediteranean and decimated many regions in Europe and the final colony destroyed what was formerly Colorado in the North American continent. The effects of these new colony drops have been felt by all, and in the dischord of a new conflict brewing in the stale air, the factions on Earth have begun to move.

Space was no different in this aspect. But in the wake of these current events, the members of the Old Federation, believed to have been destroyed over a decade and a half prior have begun to resurface from the shadows of space. It's forces having lived as outcasts and drifters do not see this as a means to make a new start, but more as the time to make their presence known to all. Many injustices were done to them, and they remember them all too well. Secretly building up their forces, their new time is almost at hand. With the inability of Zeon and the Jovians to stop the colony drops, they have put some of their effort into quietly recruiting disgruntled colonists from both factions to boost their strength.

The gears of war have been placed into motion, and where it will all lead no one can guess. It is now April of the year EC 0015.