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Site updated with new information. With my schedule being freed up, I'm looking to start things up in the immediate future. Anyone looking to send in a new application, please follow the update in the join form. Updates to the cast and rules pages, as well as Faction, Newtype and Mobile Suit info. If there are any questions, feel free to write me. Forum details will be sent shortly to new and existing members. The game will be starting soon. For new people viewing the site, I ask that you read through the site before submitting a character, I will be able to tell if you haven't.
- Serpent - 07/09/06

Welcome to Side 3 Invasion, an online Gundam Role Playing Game. This game is an alternate reality and though it's based on MSG, it's not limited strictly to that series and includes aspects of other Gundam and Mecha series. 15 years have passed since the "Earth Collapse", with the loss of the Federal government, the world descended into chaos and now a major power struggle is about to begin. Old and new factions based on the Federation and Zeon(on Earth and in Space) have risen, as well as new organizations, all with their own technology and agendas.
- Akurei 9/01/01

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