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- New Earth Alliance (North America, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia)
After the last world war left the Earth in chaos, a new government was born to reestablish peace and order. However not all people wanted this since it took away their power over people. After many battles the Federation as the new government was called brought peace to the world. As time went by, the new government slowly became corrupt and in the wake of the Great War it collaped. Now 15 years later, a new Federation has been formed from it's remnants to try and revive the order and try to fix the wrongs of the past. With the assistance of a few surviving nations, the New Earth Alliance has begun it's mission to bring order back to the now devastated planet.

- Old Federation (Lunar Surface (hidden base), Random leftover outposts, Luna 2)
With the collapse of the Earth government, the Federal Forces were left stranded on their own. Some of the remaining officers in space were able to gather enough loyal troops to maintain their ranks. Upon returning to the colonies, they faced rioting colonists telling them that they weren't welcome and were forced into exile. For the past 15 years they have been secretly rebuilding their forces while being shunned as outcasts, rebels and pirates by the colonies. Ahead of them now is the Zeon Republic and the Jovian Alliance. They have laid in waiting for all these years, and they bear a grudge.

- The Zeon Republic [Space Force] (Side 3, Side 5, Solomon, A Bao A Qu, Side 2)
When the Earth government collapsed, the forces of Zeon were seperated from each other. Although parted, the 2 sides were able to maintain communications with each other. Now 15 years have gone by and neither faction has been able to reunite. While Zeon fights to maintain it's ideals on Earth, the Republic has been striving to keep itself strong in space. While not as active in the fighting department, they are quite capable of doing so. Since the end of the Great War, the colonies under Zeon's control have prospered. The Republic continues to spread it's influence throughout the colonies diplomatically as opposed to the ways of old.

- Principality of Zeon [Earth Force] (Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Jordan, Columbia, Venezuela, the Caribbean)
Originally a movement to drive all humanity to space to complete mankind's evolution. While it is unknown to most how the war actually started, everyone has felt it's result. The Earth was left with heavy damage and many people tried to reloacte to the colonies, but found this not possible. While most of Zeon's forces were depleted and stranded on Earth, they alone were able to maintain communication with their space counterpart, now the Zeon Republic. Since the collapse, they have been travelling down a long hard path across a devastated planet, awaiting the day they can go back to space.

- Romanian Empire / RAF / Getter Heavy Industries (Romania, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, British Isles)
During the rein of the old Federation, there were many nations that did not support their ideals. One of these was the nation of Romania. Magda, the Queen of Romania died under mysterious circumstances near the beginning of the war, forcing her children, Marie and Brendan into hiding. When the Earth's government fell, the two resurfaced and took control of the nation. They created the RAF with the aid of Getter Heavy Industries and their elite Getter Corps to reclaim Romania and spread their ideals. Although it was never proven, the sibling rulers still blame the Federation and their successors, the New Earth Alliance.

- Jovian Alliance (Side 1, Side 4, Side 6)
When the Earth government collapsed, the space colonies wanted to stay clear of all of the infighting. Several of the more active radical political groups saw the collapse of the Federation as their chance and teamed up to form a new government system in the colonies. Their first act to maintain control was to exile the Federal Forces from reentering the colonies so they couldn't regain any form of control. A 12 year non-aggression pact was made with the Zeon Republic so as to avoid any more bloodshed and to start recovering from the war. Along with the treaty, Zeon was granted extra domain in space. In the 15 years since the end of the Great War the colonies and the Jovian Alliance have flourished as if in a new age renaissance.

- Desert Baronies (Mediterranean coast, Egypt, Middle East, India)
Throughout history, the Middle East has been one of the most difficult regions to control. During it's rein, the Earth government found this to be very true. The war showed both the Federal Forces and Zeon that they could not truely control the Arabian nations. Once the dust had settled, several large baronies were formed throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Their mix of stolen technology was instrumental in their survival against the others. They have proven themselves to be quite capable in the past 15 years.