Welcome to the pitted asphalt and rusted monkeybars of my recess-time haven for goth children such as yourselves!
This page is quite new and I'm still acquiring things to put up on it, but you can expect to find fun stuff like strange tests, graphics to use, stupid awards to take, fun links and all kinds of other stuff to play with. Get out yer black crayons and scrawl on the padded walls!

So far on the playground......

You've seen these little dolls all over, I'm sure. they're cute, they're addictive, and I've made some of my own. Come in and browse my collection, and adopt a few if you like. All are Goths, and I have a small variety of guys as well.
Want some awards but are too lazy to apply for any? Hate awards and think that people who have a page full of them are conceited? Either way, come right in.
Need to share your trauma with that special someone? Say you care with skulls, or morunful goth imagery. Free e greetings for various occasions, complete with midis if you so choose!
How Goth are you? No, really? the barometer will give you the definitive answer. See how you careful of trick questions!
Name Generators
Tired of being called Tom? Or Pat? Or Jane? Or Brunhilda? Then visit the name generators and fine a new name that fits your personal darkness, malaise and angst.
Fun and psychadelic screensavers/desktop backgrounds for you to play with! Download new textures, change the speed and movement, even create textures of your own to use (not hard, I've done it). And it's free! Who needs drugs when you've got this!
Need some interesting pictures on your website and are too lazy to go looking yourself? Just be a vulture and circle over my collection....under construction so more will be coming!
While some of you may be questioning why the heck this is on my page, others of you remember these cool 80's toys. Check out the industrial and goth ponies as well!
The first of several quizzes I am working on. See which member you most resemble!
This page is one of those sick and twisted things that happens when you have too much time on your hands and some raunchy ideas about some truly nasty flavors of ice cream. Eat at your own risk.
You heard me...the guy from Skinny Puppy. This started from an inside joke about how he seems to be obsessed with meat....
Why write normal bad goth poetry when you can really confound your friends with annoying haiku instead? Here's some poems I wrote to set a nice example.
Another fun and stupid test to take for you test addicts? War? Famine? Pestilence? Death? Which will it be? Open the seal if you dare......
What Kind of Meat are you?
Meat makes the world go around, and it gives me a reason to make more silly personality quizzes...coming very soon!
How Industrial are you?
Are you so Industrial that when you pee it corrodes the toilet? If so, then you need to find a new toilet! test coming soon!
The page that should not be, but unfortunately, is. The product of a very long, tedious drive out of state produced this piece of crap.
Is Miss Cleo not providing you with the answers? Are you tired of tarot and find astrology assinine? Then try the exclusive Goth/Industrial RUINS...the oracle for a fractured age.

Fun Links!!!
If you can't get enough of online tests or generators, or you need other kinds of random amusement then you need to go here!
Because you can't just do work all day!!!
Hey! They're cute and addictive. And owning one means you get to play all kinds of games all day (trust me, you will)
Lots of fun and spooky thing to keep you busy avoiding whatever it is that you're really supposed to be doing.
Fun with colors and psychoanalysis! Find out how you're really feeling....
Find out what is your color and what it really means. If it's not black, don't come crying to me.

More stuff coming soon! Come back and play....


Hey! Careful with that thing!