Pathetic goth haiku

I was bored. What can I say?

the bleeding roses
lie upon your marble grave
boo hoo I am sad

my hairspray is gone
i lament the long hours
my eyeliner runs

lo, I weep for you
my tears they fall like black rain
you are wearing pink

robert smith is my best friend
weep weep sob sob weep

you have pierced my heart
i am in a lot of pain
please remove the spork

bury me my love
for yea, I am dead inside
i am not so fresh

i am so gothic
stop laughing, really I am
I'm so goth that...uh....

the darkness - it falls
falling like my blackened soul
your poetry sucks

I dance at the club
I'm a fetus, I'm a tree
then rivets stomp me.

stare at the candle
black candle, flame flickers
ow ow my eyeball

look at me drooping
i drape myself on headstones
i'm a goth doily

angels, flying high
gracefully they soar into
a jet plane engine

my corset is tight
look, i see pretty colors
oh my, i think....thud

we are a goth band
look at us, we are spooky
what were the lyrics?

play some bauhaus please
i don't care, I'm the dj.
i don't take requests.

Hey! Careful with that thing!