Sailor Moon Ancient Scouts: the Movies
by Sun54

Titanic Heart

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Attack on Crystal Harbor

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PLOT: Serena and her friends must stop a madwoman from killing Rose and go to the past to stop a madwoman from killing Jack and Rose Dawson on the Titanic. Later, they must stop a terrorist group that destroyed the World Trade Center with help from the American Sailor Scouts.
NEW CHARACTERS: Cassia Lo aka Dark Sailor Scout, Sailor Cosmic, Sailor Diamond, Sailor Ruby, Sailor Emerald, Sailor Pearl, Sailor Bracelet, Sailor Sun aka Jake, Sailor Earth aka Mimi, Sailor Scirius, Sailor Firestar aka Sarah, Sailor Solar, Sati the Queen of Time, Shiria Katzio, Sailor Florida, Sailor California, Sailor New York, various Ji-Hadien and Sati terrorists
LENGTH: 10091 words (Titanic Heart), 2432 words (Crystal Harbor)

COMMENTS: Now, I understand that there are people who don't know history, and probably will never bother to. I can understand fudging that up. History, despite it's seemingly straightforward manner, is full of nuances most people don't care to find out - hence why history is underappreciated, especially by fanwriters. But there's a difference between just not caring to study historic moments in order to get it right and - after having most likely seen the actual historic moment with your own eyes because it was THE biggest tragedy in a country's history - discarding the history and making up your own stupid fucked-up version of events to fit your fanfic.

In this, I am talking about - you guessed it - September 11th. And this fanfic is guilty as charged - not only do they trivialize September 11th, they completely change it in order to give some fictional group the credit. To this, I must say: what the fuck? It's bad enough writing about September 11th (especially five months after the fact, which was when this fanfiction was publish) but come on. If you're going to be an assbag and use the World Trade Center as the vehicle of your fanfic, don't insult the readers by going "Oh, but I'm not actually basing it on September 11th, reeeaaaally! See, I changed the names!" I mean, honestly, I rate the Hurricane Katrina fic with Elmo over this one because at least the author admitted they were using the event in question in a trivial way by saying, "Elmo dies in Hurricane Katrina, Zoe angsts for the rest of the fic!" (And for those wondering, no, the Elmo fic is no longer on the Net. I know, you're all crushed caused you wanted to see it!)

But enough about trivializing real events. How about messing up fake historic events? As in, how do you mess up the Titanic movie, the whole "Jack lives!" fanfic phenomena aside? Seriously. The whole point of the Titanic movie was the triumph of true love over a rigid class society. As inaccurate as it was (and let's face it, aside from the ship sinking, it wasn't totally accurate) it was still a pretty good movie. Blowing the the plot of the movie to smithereens in order to have Serena give birth to Leonardo DiCaprio's love child and have everyone be happy-go-lucky first class passengers does not make me respect you anymore. On the contrary, it makes me want to take my computer screen and smash you over the head with it. There's not even a hint of Caledon Hockley or Lovejoy, and that alone is a crime against humanity. Those two made the plot what it was with their wanting to make Jack's life miserable!

But enough of my gripes on history, just because I think it's important and all that jazz. There's plenty more I could go on about - the spelling (Sailor "Kiknomu"? And who is "Bearele"?), the lack of consideration towards the laws of nature (going through a nine-month pregnancy in a week, woo!) and physics (I'm sure it's common knowledge that the Titanic would not have sunk like it did if it had hit the berg head on). And, of course, names like "Ancient Crystal Neo-Eternal Queen Sailor Moon". That's not at all Sueish, yeah? And to my shock there's apparently more to this story - these "movies" are just the end of it. There were other stories before this.

......Right. Excuse me while I go look for this author. I'll be needing to buy a new monitor when I'm done with them. :)

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