The I Will Love You Forever Trilogy
by Moon Venus Power and ATenshi

I Will Love You Forever
Proving Our Love
A Heavenly Sunny Child

PLOT: A story about Serena Phillips, the abused peasant girl, who won the heart of Prince Endymion Peterson. Join them on their incredible journey of life and love.
NEW CHARACTERS: King Alexander and Queen Marie Peterson; David Matthew Peterson, Madison Destiny Peterson and Sunshine Dawn Peterson; General Nicholas, his wife Jessica, and two children Michael and Christopher; Ann's hired thugs; Lisa "Rosy" Loving; various others
LENGTH: 4710 words (Story 1); 7835 words (Story 2); 6598 words (Story 3)

COMMENTS: You know, when I first started collecting stories for this archive, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would findf a story more grossly inaccurate, in terms of history, than The Arabian Prince. I thought no story could top it. But I was apparently wrong, for now we have this, a trilogy of works which suffers not only from horrendous misspellings and punctuation, OOCness, songficcing, nonsensical logic and the blatant ripping of the movie "Ever After", but history raping as well. And it doesn't just rape it, it slips a roofie into history's soda so that it doesn't even realize what just happened.

So with that, I give you:


1. There were European nations unaffected by the entire Napoleonic era. In fact, there are countries that never even heard of him.

2. Cellphones were popular among the Napoleonic elite.

3. "Madison Destiny" was a proper name for a European princess, as was "Sunshine Dawn".

4. Pizza existed outside of Sicily.

5. Telephones were commonplace, as were police cars, in the early 19th century.

6. If a royal needed baby supplies, they just went to a chain store and bought them.

7. Sex change operations were routinely practiced.

8. Females could be doctors to the royal family.

9. Gypsies and fortune tellers were not considered pariahs or charlatans. In fact, they were considered an indispensible part of a royal court and were routinely called on to fortell the future.

10. Rooms in castles are numbered like hotel rooms.

11. People routinely sang Britney Spears songs to their babies in 1815.

12. Falling out of a carriage and being stabbed in the stomach generally will not kill your twins if you are pregnant.

13. America, and in particular Colorado, was a popular tourist attraction for the European elite.

14. Women routinely delivered healthy twins by means other than a C-section.

15. Ice cream as we know it was well-established by the end of the Napoleonic wars as a cheap mass-produced dessert.

16. Food poisoning makes you eats wierd.

17. And finally, there was indoor plumbing. Enough said.

And that's just the stuff I spotted in my attempt to get through it. What else could be in there? Who knows. At this point, it doesn't matter. This is still the most historically inaccurate fanfic yet, and believe me, it just gets worse as it goes down the line, as the plot is basically the same in every single story. It was whimpering at the end of it, disbelieving that it could be that bad. But it was.

Read it, if you dare, and be prepared to tear your hair out. Oh, and mind those roofies.

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