Sailor Moon Meets Hitler
by Chibi X and Sergeant Slaughter

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PLOT: Join us on adventure as we go back in time with our favorite anti-Semites as they destroy the world in the name of Adolf Hitler. That's right - we're talking about none other than the Sailor Sernhi!
NEW CHARACTERS: Roger Mudd; Herr Bubenschnep; various French people; various Russian people; various Jewish Holocaust victims
LENGTH: 3944 words

COMMENTS: Ladies and gents, there are two types of trollfics. The first type is the type that makes fun of various people by intentionally satirizing their works or them, like, for example, if someone created a Sue with dialogue based on Oscar and Gillian von Karmann's works. (Please, don't do it.) The other type is the type which deliberately or involuntarily offends people, causes a great deal of controversy and probably gets a few chuckles from the authors, but for the most part, the authors seem to end up being run out of fandom because they crossed a a very big line of no-no.

This is a fic in the latter category, if you could not tell by the title of it. This fic has rampant anti-Semitism, a lesbian orgy, gratuitous violence, racial stereotyping, bratwurst sucking (oh wowie they're subtle!) the f-word every other sentence and - of course - glorification of Adolf Hitler. Apparently, looking at some of the dialogue, this was probably meant to be funny. Unfortunately, no one's really laughing. It stopped being funny from the title onwards. This is not The Producers, where the whole point of the story was that we knew that what the main characters were doing was absolutely wrong and they knew it. In this story, they are glorified for it, and the enthusiasm the authors put in the story makes it worse.

My point with this is that there are some things that just shouldn't be trivialized in the way this story trivializes the Holocaust, or how Delicate Angel trivializes AIDS. Wholesale death, brutal oppression, and untold manipulation of the truth about the pointless attempted genocide of other ethnicities, countries, political convictions, sexuality and creed - all Hitler's legacy - is one of them. That is what makes certain trends all around the world, the success of "ethnic cleansing" games and bands such as the Blue Prussians, and the attempts of certain individuals to deny what happened (no, I'm not just speaking about the man in Iran, either) all the more frightening. Because it isn't trivial. This is what was meant when former German president Hans Schroeder said that it was the patriotic duty of the people of his country - the people who started it = to never forget what they did. But it should be a wake-up call to other countries as well.

Oh, of course, I could go also go on and on about why people write this stuff, or what a possible reaction of a Holocaust victim would be at something like this - but I won't. I'm sure others will. But I won't. I'll just leave you all to behold the badfic, complete with the waxable ass of Eva Braun, and judge the troll for yourself. But as for me, I've already made up my mind.

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