A computer term meaning "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard."

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Hacker Barbie and Madonna

Here's a pic of me and my cat Madonna. She is part bobcat, part sneaky neighbour's cat. So that explains the "cropped" tail. For some reason she has an evil look on her face in this picture.


Fuznelda Aubergine


Kiwi and Zeus

Dan the Seeker's 

Pixel the Pebcak

I sense a pattern here .... 

How many black cats do we have in the SLC?

  1. aelzemos' Oscar

  2. Cameron D's Trix

  3. Cat Grey's Wayward the Cat

  4. Dan the Seeker's Pixel the Pebcak

  5. DataAngel's Anime  

  6. DizzyLizard's Joey

  7. Duis Linguini's Skeeter

  8. Kat O'Klzmk's Puma   

  9. Kiwibird's Fuznelda Aubergine

  10. Kiwibird's Zeus

  11. Mina's Edgar

  12. Team Jones' Newk

  13. zenman's Natasha

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