Zeus ...


Kiwibird after therianthropic shift, much prettier this way!

Steve in the F Clef

Yes, I confess that this photo is 10 years old. I should use a more recent one, but  there aren't that many sunny days over a 10 year period where you can take a nice photo outside. My hair is cut shorter now, and it has receded more at the temples. Other than that, not much change. In me, that is. The other two are a LOT bigger now, and don't fit one to a knee any more. The tie was a Fathers Day gift from Glenn, the one on the right knee. I wore it all day at work, and it wasn't even Casual Day.


Wondering just how long have I been on Is it three years? FOUR years?!


Accepting the fact that I have more internet friends than real life ones.

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