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A note about the posts: Rosa does not edit the posts, nor does she correct the spelling (unless it's horrid ...).  She considers the way they were written to be part of their charm.  Don't bother writing her about it.
SLC Annex
SLC Introduction Start here  What's the SLC?  You're assuming we know?   

Anecdotal Evidence Postings too good not to save   Never know what you'll find in here ..... like New Future ULs from Lackwit!  

Barbara New  Cow-orking Explained:  As only Barbara could explain it.
Shrine to Barbara   Queen of the wild front --- uh, internym.  

Birthdays SLC birthdays to celebrate  Parrrr-taaaay!  Constantly updated! 

Bryan Knowles 1965-2001 The On-Line Memorial Service

Classic Debunkings The best lay it all out for you.  Confused about the WTC evacuation?  Let  ParaDiddle straighten you out!  

The DeBunker Family Our mentors.  New

Gatherings   Down Under Gathering -- two of 'em!
San Diego Gathering -- 2002
Washington, D.C. Gathering (1999)

Halloween Costumes As only the SLC can invent them.  

Jonny T, Featured Player and 

Designated Studmuffin 

Ode to snopes
I'm a snopester and I'm okay  

Nicknames ULMB snopster Introduction Pages --  kjbrasda's website with the Nickname and How Did You Get Here threads
Patriotic Stuff
American Anthems
Battle Hymn of the Republic Lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic  Music may take some time to load.
The Star Spangled Banner   History and lyrics to the United States national anthem.  Music may take some time to load.
Patriotic Pictures   A collection of patriotic images to use.  New section of patriotic posters.


New pictures!  SLC Pebcaks   What's that object between me and the computer screen?  Did you ever see a cat wearing a kilt?
Black Cats  Did you ever notice  how many SLC members have black cats?  Emergency announcement:  We have a total of 13 black cats on the list and we need another ... or the site will be cursed. 

Photos:   SLC Babes   An old, classic contest:  Can you  identify these SLC members by their baby pictures?

SLC Babe Wannabes    No, this isn't the fur bikini section, but ..... if you really want one, you can click here to shop for one ..... (Thank you, Wolfie!)

SLC Scrapbook   Look, pictuuu -- cheese crisps, do I actually look like that?  (There's a quick index at Who's Where)    This is being reloaded and updated in stages. Check back often!

Rosa's Pages 

I'm an egomaniac and that's okay ... 

SLC Cookbook Jenn's  SLC Cookbook! 

SLC Homepages This listing is gone: current homepage URLs are listed in members' profiles over at

Submiting Things Important Updates   How to send things for this website.

Waffles  !!! tagurit's Waffle Page -- the cure for the common double posting  Direct Link

Who's Where


This, too, is being reloaded and updated in stages. Check back often!  The Impatient Poster's Guide to the SLC Scrapbook  

Zenman Road Trip!  Zenman goes on the road ... as only Zenman can  

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