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Table of Contents


My collection of weird, wonderful or unfortunate ads from the current magazines and catalogs.  

Art and Other 

Forms of Soul Food

Art Gallery -- Portraits and modern paintings I really like.  Coming soon -- a George Tooker gallery -- watch for it! 

Soul Food  -- Pictures to help keep my head on at work.   

Edwin Booth  

1890 recording of him reading from Othello.  Now with a copy of the text he's reading from.   


Dinners to Die For  You must be over 18 to view this page. Check out the John Bobbitt Casserole With Corn


My Brain Hurts!  The migraineur's own home page.   Hot flashes, too. 

Patriotic Stuff

Battle Hymn of the Republic 

Lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic  Music may take some time to load.

The Star Spangled Banner  

History and lyrics to the United States national anthem.  Music may take some time to load.

Patriotic Images

 A gallery of vintage patriotic postcards and greeting cards -- some you'd expect, some of which will surprise you.

Patriotic Posters Vintage American patriotic posters by some of our greatest illustrators.



The Glass Cat  Memorial page for Gorgeous George, known on the net as The Glass Cat

Gone but Not Forgotten  My first cat family

New  Oscar  Cat songs!  We love cat songs! 

Postcards (Mostly Vintage)

Christmas Cards  Vintage cards, including a few from Sweden and with patriotic themes.

Halloween Greeting Cards  Vintage greeting cards that are unintentionally funny. 

Check out the breakfast of debunking champions:  Weenollah!

Valentine Cards including some conversation starters (don't stop with the first page, okay?) and an early lesbian card

Purse Junkie

Rosa's obsession (well, one of them). 


How to read the good stuff at work without getting caught.  

Why I Never Hire Women Under 30

A very, um, interesting reprint from a 1920 business magazine, including "My Six Rules for Hiring Women" 

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