A computer term meaning "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard."

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sunnieday's Percy

Percy, age 4. He's a mutt like me. I'm human mutt. He's Terrier mutt, who thinks he's human.

Kat O'Klzmk's Puma

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

bblady's Useless Lumps of Lint

Royal (left) and Regina (right)  They're Cornish Rex -- yes, people actually BREED cats to look like that!

Lulu's Secret is Out !

Here is a picture of my PEBCAKs, Monte the rottweiler and Lulu. Aint they sweet? Monte is approximately 20 times the size of Lulu, but they do get along just fine. Sorry to have confused you by taking my screen name after my cat!

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