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Birdman's Belle

Here are two pictures of our dog Belle. The first picture we got by chance, but it almost looks as if she was posing for the camera! (Don't be fooled -- the flowers there are really big)  The second is her relaxing on our wood deck in the afternoon sun. 

We found her stray in a school parking lot in 1996 and thought she was a puppy, then the veterinarian told us she was about six or seven years old! Apparently "miniature beagle" really is a breed, and Belle is about two U.S. feet long from nose to tail. 

Pebcaks Everywhere

Cameron D's Pebcaks

B.D., Trix and Lachlan (big brother in training & designated human)

Rosa's Pebcak

Like I am soooo much more fun than solitaire.

Meet Oscar

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