A computer term meaning "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard."

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Duis Linguini's Collection

Kim Linguini

This was taken in our backyard and is my daughter feeding our pet giraffe. Okay, just kidding, was taken at San Diego Wild Animal Park, but with all the pets we have, may as well have a giraffe too.

Duis Linguini's Boxed Cats

These are two of the 6 that we have. Black female is Skeeter and grey, male is Smooches

Duis Linguini's Newest:  Lucy

Lucy sleeping with her bunny. Unfortunately since the picture was taken her and Charlie decapitated the bunny.

Duis Linguini's Hey Ferret!  

This was taken at the same place where the picture of me by my car was taken. We brought the fuzzies with us on vacation. The male sable is named Bandit and the female cinnamon is named Cannella.

Charlie is the beagle, while Lucy is an Aussie Shepherd, with a little black lab in her.  I'll bet you didn't know that cats and dogs played football?

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