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Winter in Alberta used to be a bleak, drawn-out process. It would damper my trips to the mountains for six straight months, but now through ice climbing I have found a new appreciation for the many cold months. Moving up ice is a very nice experience and every waterfall that you come across is different from the last. It feels neat to gear up before an ice climb and when suited you feel ready for the climb. I dont look at ice climbing (or any other type of climbing for that matter) as a battle with nature, but as a relatively safe and controlled rondezvous with the elements. Nothing beats rolling out to the mountains on a clear and crisp day in winter ready to explore some ice.

- - - -Ice Climbs- - - -


Jan 22, 2005Chantilly FallsWI 2100m

The Bow Valley

Feb. 9, 2002Canmore JunkyardsWI 330m
Feb. 10, 2002 Johnston CanyonWI 360m
Jan 23, 2005Grotto FallsWI 355m
Dec 10, 2005Cascade FallsWI 3300m
Dec 18, 2005Professor FallsWI 4280m
Feb 12, 2006Heart CreekWI 330m
Feb 12, 2006Haffner CreekCRAG30m

Yoho National Park

March 11, 2006Guinness GullyWI 4240m

Icefields Parkway

Feb 19, 2006The Wings and the StageWI 380m
Feb 20, 2006MeltoutWI 3120m
March 19, 2006Balfour WallWI2-420m

David Thompson Highway

Dec 15, 2003Cline River GalleryWI 330m
Jan 9, 2004Pure EnergyWI 430m
Jan 9, 2004SplashDown AWI 430m
Jan 29, 20052O'Clock FallsWI 2120m
Feb 5, 2006Sars On IceWI 350m
Feb 5, 2006Five Seven ZeroWI 4100m