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NeoHTML Guide

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Introduction: What is neoHTML & where do i use it?
   NeoHTML is a code Neopets uses to make it easy for users to change their type on the Neoboards. You can do complex colourful things  like this or simple things likethis -- looks like fun huh? Wanna get started? click on the "know your tags" link above, or just click here. The rest of this page will be more about neoHTML, how it works & what it is more specifically.

   NeoHTML actually is a code of a code. You use the more simple neoHTML codes which change into the more complicated (not *much* more though) HTML and/or CSS codes. It is *very* simple in attibutes and variety & some neat attributes are left out. The [b], [i], [u], [br], and others are almost exactly like their HTML counter-parts, except for the fact that neoHTML uses [brackets] while HTML uses the <less-than greater-than> signs.
   The neoHTML tags shadow & glow are actually CSS "filters". When you use CSS filters outside of neopets, you can do so much more, for instance you can change the direction of the shadow,    make huge glows, and some other stuff like drop shadow effect, blur filter effect, & backwards filter. If you want to learn more about the different filters & the codes check out CSS Visual Filters (and remember, they don't work on the neoboards but are fun to play with on websites)

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