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Mindless Invalid

November 17, 2004 @ 2:05AM: *Blech!* Rules stink~! Just follow them so i don't start foaming at the mouth! (i might .. it's been a while since i was vaccinated)

What you *can* do
1 - You can use my font & siggys for typing with on the Neoboards (ie. if it's your own personal use it's perfectly fine)

2 - You can edit my fonts & siggys all you want. The codes are meant to be templates & to give you ideas. I encourage editing as there's no way i can possibly please everyone.

3 - You can give them away if you give me credit. To give me credit, merely put in your first post "These fonts can be found at" or "These fonts are made by superwoman_12517" (the first example would be best to use, but just so long as you're trying to give credit i don't mind). NEVER ask for a "tip", items, or np. It is against the neopets rules, and is a freezable offence.

4 - You can link to me to your hearts content! I have the premade codes there for that reason, i like being linked to

What you *can not* do
1 - DO NOT claim my fonts as yours!!

2 - DO NOT put my codes on your website, webpage, petpage, livejournal, or anyother place unless i have given you personal permission. I have only done this with 1 or 2 people, so don't expect me to say "ok" if you ask.

3 - DO NOT give away my fonts or siggy pets on the neoboards if you haven't given me credit.

4 - DO NOT ask for a "tip", items or np in exchange for things i have made. These are free for a reason (because 1. it's against neopets rules & can/will get you frozen for it and 2. i like helping people & charging or even hinting at $$ is disgustingly immoral to me).

Anyone i see voilating these rules WILL be put on my Wall of Shame and will be kept there until they appologize.
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