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Mindless Invalid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I get so many questions, and i'm too lazy to answer most of them so i'll just answer them once here. if you neomail me with a question i answer here, i will most likely ignore it (and shake my fist perhaps)
So here it goes in no particular order, enjoy.

» Can I be your neofriend?
» Can I submit a font?
» Did you make your userlookup?
» Can you help me make a font page?
» How do you center your font?
» How do i make those little boxes/blogs/textareas?
» How do i get rid of the sidebar in guilds?
» How do i show a font preview?
» How do i show a picture of the avatar?
» How can i make my fonts side-by-side?
» Can you make me a custom -something-?
» Are you a premium member, if so can I get a referral?
» What CAN i neomail you about?

Can I be your neofriend? [Back to Top]
Sure, why not. I like the VIP system neopets recently implemented and i don't have any reason not to accept requests anymore :P ... but be warned that i periodically go through & delete people i don't remember.

Can I submit a font? [Back to Top]
Thanks, but I am no longer accepting submissions. As much as i appricate all the help and fonts people let me post on my page, I am trying to make/keep my pages as much of my own work as possible. If you really want to show of your fonts and help people out, why not start your own page? (and read the other FAQs :P)

Did you make your userlookup? [Back to Top]
Yes, i did. However, i couldn't have possibly done it without the help from CSS Help's Petpage and Xrodak's Petpage (IMHO, Xrodak's lookups are the best premade lookups around. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.)

Can you help me make a font page? [Back to Top]
I honestly would like to help everyone, but i am just one person, and lazy to boot so i regretfully decline.,, and are all excellent places to go to learn HTML & CSS.

How do you center your font? [Back to Top]
Since we get asked this a lot, we figured we could add it to the FAQ page. You can center your font by putting it inbetween some center tags which look like this:
If you want both your neoHTML and siggy centered, you can put the start center tag at the beginning of your neoHTML and then the ending center tag at the end of your siggy.

How do i make those little boxes/blogs/textareas? [Back to Top]
Magic! .. no really, HTML. (yeah, i'm sure you got that far, huh) .. i'll post the code, you decipher it.
<textarea cols=8 rows=3>STUFF GOES HERE</textarea>
Change the numbers for the cols and rows (that's columns and rows) depending on the size you want, .. those are the numbers i have for mine, but do what looks best with your layout.

If you are trying to put a text area in on your neopets pet page then you need to add an underscore between text and area so it would look like this: (Thanks to our affiliate darkest faerie lair for this info:D)
<text_area>STUFF GOES HERE</text_area>

How do i get rid of the sidebar in guilds? [Back to Top]
This is the code to get rid of your sidebar in your guild. This will also get rid of the top banner, top neopets header, and it also makes your color border in your guild go away :( i will have to work with that to see if i can figure out a way for it not to do that.

How do i show a font preview? [Back to Top]

These codes work for petpages, so if you want to have glow/shadow on websites or petpages, use these codes.

Simple Fonts Here is a simple neoHTML code, (the colors in the neoHTML code correspond to the colors in the HTML code)

[font c=blue s=5 f=fantasy]neoHTML[/font]

<font color=blue size=5 face=fantasy> Blue Text </font>

Blue Text
Simple Glow Fonts you can change the colors to anything from the named (ie red, green, steelblue etc) to the Hexidecimal (ie #FF0000, #00FF00, #4682B4 etc) and change the number from 1-7 (neopets defaults the highest strength at 7)

<div style="width:100%; filter: glow(color='blue', strength=5)"> Blue Glowing Font </div>

Blue Glowing Font
Simple Shadow Fonts a little logic goes a long way... look at the HTML tag to make it glow. you see in there it says filter: glow? well if you change "glow" to "shadow" then you can make a font with shadows.

<div style="width:100%; filter: shadow(color='blue', strength=5)"> Blue Shadow Font </div>

Blue Shadow Font
Glowing & Shadow Combined Just like in neoHTML, you can combine tags in HTML. This one's a doozy so follow along. (i leave spaces out to save room. only leave spaces out of neoHTML code, not HTML code)


Zafara Helpful Font
Double-Glow Fonts


Double-Shadow Fonts



How do I show a picture of the avatar? [Back to Top]
An avatar is an image, and there is not a "special" code to display avatars. You just use the image tag, like so:
<img src="">
will show:
Zafara Helpful Avatar Example
you use how the tag is like <img src="URL HERE"> to find the URL to any picture (avatar included) right click on the picture, go to "properties" and it will tell you the address (also known as URL).

Notice: Just because you *can* find the URL to any picture, and link directly to it, doesn't mean you *should*. The reason we can do it with avatar pictures is because there is a copyright notice at the bottom of the page; however, most websites (mine included) DO NOT CONDONE HOT LINKING. People pay money to host images, and everytime you use the 'hot link' (as described above) you are basically taking money from them. Instead of doing this, you should save the pic onto your computer and move it to your own image host. This is actually much easier than it sounds.

1. Create a Photobucket Account
2. Assuming the picture is not copyrighted, and the owner of which ever site makes it available for public use.. right-click on the picture and go to Save Picture As..
3. Go to you photobucket account and upload the picture from your computer (it's just like attaching pictures in emails)
4. Now just use the image tag, and use the URL provided at photobucket.

How can i make my fonts side-by-side? [Back to Top]
I will try to explain this as best as i can. You need to use "tables". It's an HTML tag that lets you have control over just about every facet of your pages layout. I'll start with an example of a very basic table:
<table border=1>
<tr><td>Cell 1</td><td>Cell 2</td></tr>
<tr><td>Cell 3</td><td>Cell 4</td></tr>
Cell 1Cell 2
Cell 3Cell 4
ALWAYS start your tables with <table> (adding border=1 is option, it's known as an "attribute" and there are many different attributes for most HTML tags) and end your tables with </table>
<tr> means table row and it starts a new line. everything you want in the same line (side-by-side) should be in between the same <tr> and </tr> tags
<td> means table data and it is where the "stuff" goes. <td> creates "cells" and generally you put a couple of the <td> </td> tags in a row to make a bunch of stuff side-by-side.
Look at the example i just showed. See how Cell 1 is above Cell 3? that is because Cell 1 is the first <td> in the first row, and Cell 3 is the first <td> in the second row. make sure you have the same number of TDs in each row, or things begin to look really weird.
  So that said, here's an example of a more complicated table (i'm leaving border=1 in there so you can see how it's arranged, but i recommend for appearance sake not to use a border as it's terribly ugly):
<table width="100%" cellpadding=5 cellspacing=5 border=1>
<tr><td>Cell 1</td><td>Cell 2</td><td>Cell 3</td><td>Cell 4</td><td>Cell 5</td><td>Cell 6</td></tr>
<tr><td>Cell 7</td><td>Cell 8</td><td>Cell 9</td><td>Cell 10</td><td>Cell 11</td><td>Cell 12</td></tr>
Cell 1Cell 2Cell 3Cell 4Cell 5Cell 6
Cell 7Cell 8Cell 9Cell 10Cell 11Cell 12
i added a few things, change the numbers in the cellpadding (i don't use this attribute, but who knows, you may like it) and change the cellspacing number around. i do like using this, so i can have a little space inbetween my cells. the cellpadding, cellspacing and border values are all default at 0 so if you don't define them it may be for the better :P i always use the width tag in precentages, you can use just a flat number like "300" which means 300 pixels but for the most part you won't need to define your width in terms of pixels. However, using the precentage is VERY GOOD as it will adjust to people's browser sizes (more flexible).

if you want to learn more about tables check out » - and if that's a little too complicated check out » (links open in a new window)

Can you make me a button/banner/shield/lookup/other? [Back to Top]
NO! I don't have time & i don't like doing them. The only custom thing i'll do are buttons but ONLY for people with font/avatar pages (and that's if i'm not busy).

Are you a premium member, if so can I get a referral? [Back to Top]
Faerieskater2 is a premium member, however do not ask for a referral from her unless you are very serious about actually using it. Each premium member only receives 10 referrals and she does not want to waste them on people who dont plan on keeping it past the 15 day free trial. If you are serious about wanting to keep premium afterwards and need a referral then yes you may ask faerieskater2 for one by neomailing her. Please check out Leto's petpage for information about premium services before you neomail her.

What CAN i neomail you about? [Back to Top]
If i didn't mention it on this page, then you can probably neomail me about it. If you have a font page and want it linked, if i made mistakes on my pages, if you have other questions, and even random pointless chatter is welcome. Just please be nice and patient, because i won't tolerate anyone who doesn't treat me as i treat them.

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