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NeoHTML Guide

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Combining Tags
  This is where the fun really begins. if you use the tags on their own without combining a few together, you're going to end up with stuff like this or like this (which is fine if that's what you want) but you'll never get something  like this , so let's get started.

  Let's say you love the Verdana font, but it's just a little too thin for you. ~ Combine the font & bold tags together and see what ya get?



  There are a couple of things i did that you may want to note.

1) i took out the spaces (this is a HUGE help to save room, i always leave out the spaces, even though it's a little easier to mix the code & what it means)

2) Close the tags in the proper order:
[fontc=#FF99CCs=2][b]neoHTML[/font][/b] -- WRONG
[fontc=#FF99CCs=2][b]neoHTML[/b][/font] -- Right
with really simple neoHTML it won't make much of a difference, but with more complex codes you can make some funky looking things by ordering your tags differently

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