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Mindless Invalid
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April 21, 2005 @ 10:52PM NST
Have A Question not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page or Read Me page? Have any Complaints, Comments, or Suggestions? Not going to tell us about a new avatar being released?

There are now 3 insane people behind - neomail either of us if you have any questions (but don't neomail all of us :P all of us answering the same neomail is wasting time)
* Faerieskater2
* Anuarisa
* Superwoman_12517

We may not be able to respond to all the neomails, But they will all be read. So Thank you everyone who sends nice letters & doesn't get a response :D

-- We can not respond to neomails if you have it so that only neofriends can respond to you. To change this go here -- Also, make sure you have less than 100 neomails if need a reply.
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